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Do skunks attack chickens?

Ah, the skunk. Nature’s personal BO. These are adorable looking animals, but they can sure ruin your day with the way that can spray you with the horribly noxious spray. It is absolutely horrific to say that least.

If the spray isn’t bad enough, there is also the fact that these animals carry a lot of parasites and diseases. What could be worse than a cute animal that can make you smell terrible and give you rabies? It just seems like they cannot get much worse. Surprisingly, they can.

Not only will skunks spray you but, if you have chickens, they will attack them and attempt to make a meal out of them. That sounds terrible and, sadly, it is quite true.

These mammals find that chickens are a tasty treat for sure. While not being a particularly large animal, they will go after a chicken and will win in virtually all cases. They are a decided advantage to be honest.

Because of the fact that skunks are nocturnal animals, they have a huge advantage over chickens. Most of these birds are asleep at night and they cannot see particularly well. When a skunk comes to their nest the first intention of these smelly mammals is to get the eggs. Skunks love chicken eggs, and if they can feast on that then that is where they will begin. They will do all they can to scare away the chickens so that they can get at the eggs. This can mean outright killing the mother chicken to ensure that it can get to the tasty treat to take with it or to eat right there.

If it finds that it is not getting the meal it wants out of the eggs, then it has no issue with killing the chicken and eating it. The skunk is primarily concerned with food, and the eggs are the primary target that it wants. However, food is still the top agenda and if that means that eating the mother chicken is the way to get that food then it will do so. No chicken is going to stand in its way.

You should also be aware that chicks are a common target of these mammals as well. They will go right for the little chickens and kill and eat them.

If you have a chicken coop in an area where you know that skunks are known to reside, you need to do all you can to protect that coop. the chicks should be kept in a secure brooder, and you need to make sure that the area where the eggs are will be secured so that there is no way that the skunk can get in. If you don’t do it will go bad for sure. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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