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Do skunks attack pets?

The skunk is an animal that no wants around their home. They not only release the most obnoxious spray that one can imagine, but they also carry a whole lot of diseases and parasites that no one wants on them. They can be very dangerous to your health and make you smell like hell. They are truly horrific animals.

As bad as they are to you, they can be much worse to your pets. That is for sure. They not only can do all the horrific things to your pets that they do to you but, more importantly, skunks are prone to attack most household pets. It is true.

You think that something like a big dog would scare a skunk away, but these animals have no fear of your pets. Because they know that most animals are afraid of their scent spray they show very little fear, however, they can also be quite aggressive animals.

It is most likely that they will not go after a big dog like a German shepherd or a Pitbull. That would just be stupid, even if they spray the animal. If a dog of that size gets sprayed and is then attacked it is most likely that it would fight back without issue. The skunk is bold but not that bold. However, when it comes to cats and smaller sized dogs you can be sure that they will come after them for sure. That is especially true if they feel antagonized. If you have a small little yip dog it may not look good for you.

If you think about it, dogs like terriers, yokes, and the like are dogs that love to bark and antagonize any kind of thing that they come in contact with. If you have been walking by the driveway where one of these animals lives then you know exactly what is being talked about here. They love to run out and start barking, even nipping at your heal. The skunk will flat out hate that and will very likely attack. This is not a simple matter of it just spraying. It will come right out and start to attack at your dog.

A skunk has very sharp claws, especially in the front. Because these are animals that will dig to get at a lot of food as well as to get into things, they have very sharp and long claws. When they attack an animal they can be quite ruthless in the damage that they can do because those claws are so sharp they can dig into almost anything. You also have to worry that when they scratch your pet they can leave parasites and disease behind from their nails. They are dangerous in so many ways. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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