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What kind of damage do skunks cause under a house?

When a skunk gets under the house of your home, we all think of the most well-known damage that they can cause. If they are startled in anyway, their response is to turn and start spraying with that horrible liquid that comes from their anal glands. There is honestly not an animal on the planet that is not afraid of that stuff.

The problem that many people do not realize is that a skunk can do a whole lot more damage than just spray its stuff. Actually these animals can do a lot more damage than you may have even thought.

First of all, skunks have very sharp front claws. The reason for this is that they like to dig, and will create holes where they need shelter or where they want to try to find food. If they are under your home, they may start digging under your foundation or under the cement blocks so that the foundation can become unstable. If a skunk has been doing this for weeks they can really put your home in danger, and you surely do not want this at all.

Their digging may also lead to other animals deciding to take refuge under your home. If it gets cold enough, skunks will congregate together, so you may wind up with four or five under your home. If that doesn’t scare, you it sure should.

Digging is only a small part of the problems that you face. Skunks are notorious for the amount of disease and number of parasites that they carry. In fact, skunks are the No. 2 animal overall in carrying diseases the can be dangerous to humans and your pets. Such things as rabies and distemper are quite common in skunks, and the parasites that are found are very dangerous. They can lead to issues with your digestion, kidneys, and liver, and if not treated properly they can lead to death.

While the skunk will not remove its waste right near the nest it has built, it is likely that it will do in other areas under the house or somewhere else around your property. As this feces dries it becomes airborne and takes the parasites with it. This can be so dangerous to you if you even breathe it in. If you, your family or your pets steps in it the parasites will attach and burrow into the skin. This can cause illness and will make your property a lot less healthy.

If you have a skunk under your home you want to get it out of there as quickly as possible. You will find great ways to assist you in accomplishing this on this site, but don’t hesitate to act. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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