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Do baby or juvenile skunks spray?

Like any other kind of animal, the babies of a skunk are quite adorable. These are the cutest little animals, especially when they first start to grow fur. They are the cutest looking things.

Skunks, in general, are cute animals. They are quite adorable when you see them, but we all know that these are some of the most horrible animals that one can come across because of that horrible spray that they can let off. That is some of the most horrific stuff you will ever encounter and is the primary reason why people will avoid skunks as much as possible.

This may make you wonder how old a skunk must be before it can start to spray? Does baby or juvenile skunks spray? Those are some very good questions.

When a skunk is first born it does not have the ability to produce the spray. The anal glands are not developed quickly enough, so it takes some time before it is ready. Sadly, it does not take very long.

A skunk is not able to produce the anal spray when it is born, but some studies have found that within just a few weeks they are able to do so. The production of the chemical is possible, but it does not have the power to spray it if the skunk is producing it at this age. Mainly, the compound simply oozes out of the rectum area. While it cannot spray, the chemical is still quite potent.

Most skunks begin to produce the chemical at about three months after they are born. This is when most skunks are able to start producing the chemical, and for the first few weeks after production begins the ability to spray it is quite limited. This is not only because of its undeveloped glands but also because the lifting and control of the tail is also limited at this point.

Within a couple of weeks of the chemical first being able to develop the skunk is able to start spraying with accuracy. In the earliest days of the ability to make the chemical spraying is quite limited and cannot be done with very much fervency. When it has developed enough that spray can be launched with deadly accuracy. This means that anything that comes within 25 feet of the animal can be hit just as the skunk has intended.

This is pretty impressive when you think about it, because the skunk has its back turned when it is spraying its adversary. It is shooting from the rear, but that does not stop it from being accurate. A skunk that is four months old has this ability and can hit a target just as accurately as a much more mature skunk. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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