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What is a skunk’s natural diet, and how does it get its food?

The skunk is the kind of animal that will eat just about anything. Such an animal is known as an omnivore, and the skunk would definitely fall into that class of animal. While they have preferences on what they would like to eat, they are open to eating just about anything and will do so. That is without a doubt.

They do prefer meat more than vegetables and fruits, however. The skunk really wants to find good sources of meat to add to its diet, far and above anything else that it could eat. This means that it will go out at night and hunt for its next meal. Because of its incredible hearing and sense of smell it has a decided advantage over other animals and is able to get the things it wants.

Most often you will find it eating such things as insects and small mammals, like rats, mice and other small creatures like this. It’s extremely sharp claws make it easy to trap and tear apart the prey it has caught, making the meal something that can be enjoyed quickly.

Its sharp claws also afford it another giant advantage. Many insects, like grubs, like to hide in the earth or under trees that have fallen to the ground. They think that this is a safe place, but not with a skunk around. These animals can easily dig away the soil and dig out whatever they would like to eat. In fact, grubs are the most preferred food that a skunk would like to eat. They will take this above anything else.

Besides grubs, the second favorite thing they like to enjoy is eggs. A skunk has no problem going into the nest of another animal and taking its eggs to eat. The mother cannot do much about it, because if it returns the skunk just sprays it with its extremely noxious spray to scare it away.

From that point the skunk moves to fruits and vegetables, and to trash. It loves marshmallows, as skunks have a sweet tooth as well, and they will eat peanut butter as well. They love berries, nuts, and grains. A skunk will even eat grass with the food sources are limited.

If it comes across someone’s garbage can and can get into it, you can be sure that it will be looking to get a meal from there as well. Your garbage makes for a perfect meal for a skunk, so if you don’t want them dining on your thrown away food, then you better make sure that the skunk cannot get into it. Once they have found a good food source, they are prone to stick around, so don’t give them any options. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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