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About skunks

There isn’t a person who sees the little cat like looking black and white animal and knows instantaneously that it is a skunk. Nature’s most repulsive animal is so well known and not just because of its foul odor. This is the animal that is often depicted in cartoons, and is used as an example of how bad someone must smell.

The skunk is mostly black with white stripes that begin on its back and run down the body to the end of the tail. Most adults range in length from a little more to a foot all the way up to three feet long. Smaller skunks weigh as little as a pound and can weigh as much as 18. The legs of the skunk are very strong, especially the back ones, and they have very long, sharp claws on their front paws that they use for digging.

These animals are opportunistic omnivores, meaning that they will eat just about whatever they can find. During the year they will frequently change their diet to accommodate what is available for them to find. When spring comes they often will eat insects, especially in the larval form. For example, maggots are a particularly tasty treat to a skunk. They will also eat other kinds of organisms, like rodents, frogs, birds, lizards, and moles. If they can find them, eggs are one of the most common kinds of foods that they love to eat. They will usually wait for the mother to leave the eggs while it goes to forage for food, swoop in to take the eggs and eat them. They will also eat such things as berries, nuts, leaves, and grasses.

When near residential areas they will eat garbage out of people’s cans. They will even partake in what the family pet is being served.

Skunks are burrowing animals, which makes their front paws very handy. They will sleep in their burrows that they make during the day and come out at night. They are not night owls however. The skunk will come out during the day, they just prefer to hunt at night. During one day’s time a skunk can go as far as 20 kilometers.

These animals have fairly bad vision, but their sense of smell and hearing is amazing. At night these senses come in handy more for hunting and that is why they like to hunt at night.

Skunks reproduce during the spring. The gestation period is 60-70 days. Just before the babies are born the mother will dig a den to have her litter in. A typical litter is four to seven kits.

The anal scent glands are the most commonly known part about the skunk. This is used for defense and gives off the most pungent smell one can imagine. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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