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Is a skunk that is active during the daytime rabid?

There are many animals that if you see them out in the daytime you can be sure that there must be something wrong with them. For example, the opossum should not be seen out in the daytime at all. These are true nocturnal animals that only hunt for food at night, primarily because their eyesight is so bad. If they are out in the day light then it is likely that they are so sick that they have lost their instinct for survival. If you see an animal like this, you should avoid it and run away.

Many wonder if this is true of the skunk as well. Like the opossum, these animals hunt at night as well. They have superior hearing and sense of smell, but their eyesight is not very good either. This is why they like to hunt at night, because they are at an advantage over most other animals.

What makes the skunk different from animals like the opossum is that, while its eyesight is not that good, these are not nocturnal animals. In fact, a skunk is known to travel as much as 50 kilometers in one day, as it forages for food, better places to live, or a mate. They do not prefer to be out during the day, but are not averse to doing so.

This should tell you that you cannot consider the skunk being out in the daytime as proof that it has rabies. If you see an opossum out, often it is because it is in the final stages of the disease destroying its brain, and so it is just making rash decisions without any instinct behind it.

This is not true of the skunk. The skunk will come out in the day, and so if you are worried about it having rabies you need to look for other symptoms. This includes such things as foaming at the mouth or erratic behavior. One of the most common types of erratic behavior is for it to be quite aggressive.

Skunks are not normally afraid of many animals because of their ability to spray those predators that would see them as food. However, this does not mean that they are out looking to pick a fight either. If you notice this then you can be sure that something is wrong, and you need to stay away.

While being out in the daylight does not mean that the skunk has rabies, they should still be avoided at all costs. They still carry a great many illnesses and parasites with them, and if they get close enough to spray you then you will be really unhappy. The one thing you should be happy about is that if you see it in the daylight it is easy to spot and easier to get away from. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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