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Do skunks burrow underground?

There are many things that you know about skunks but what many people do not know is that they have incredibly sharp claws. Yes, the skunk can spray like crazy and carries a wide variety of parasites and diseases, but those claws add to the problem with the animal.

Skunks have incredibly large claws, especially in the front. This is because these animals like to dig. If you have a garden then you know what is being talked about. They will dig underneath a fence to be able to get at your fruits and vegetables. This is why you have to build the fence around your garden so that it is at least 12 inches below the surface. Otherwise these animals will dig right underneath it and get in the garden to start eating up your hard earned labor.

Those claws tell you a lot about the capabilities of a skunk. They can most definitely build themselves a den or burrow in the ground, because their claws are totally built to be able to dig out a hole in the ground to live. If a skunk is looking for a home, it can easily build it and in very little time.

Of course, a skunk does not always have to go to that kind of trouble. Because of the effect that their spray can have on other animals, they are not averse to spraying in the den or burrow of another animal, and they taking over that animal’s home as its own.

An elite SWAT unit could not have as much success driving out a bank robber as a skunk has getting another animal out of its home. That spray is so intimidating that other animals simply cannot handle it and they have to get away. Since the spray stays around for quite some time, the skunk feels safe in its new home. No other animal is really going to come around to challenge it because they all hate that smell. That is unless they have a clothes pin over their noses.

This is not the norm however. The skunk will most likely build its own home. It has the claws to make the job go by quickly. This is why it is no big deal for this animal to build its own home in this way. It can not only do the job proficiently, but can do it with a great deal of expediency as well.

In addition, once they have their homes they are quite good at defending it. they not only are able to defend with the smell that they can release, but also with those very sharp claws. There are not a lot of animals that can defend against them, so they can be quite ferocious. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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