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How to get rid of rodents in the attic

The reality is that the reason that you are most likely reading this article is because you have some kind of rodent in your attic. This is not a pleasant idea at all. Rodents can do a great deal of damage inside your home, plus they are filthy animals that leave a great deal of disease and pestilence. The last thing you want is to be trying to keep yourself and your family healthy when these critters are living in your home.

You want to try to get rid of them as quickly as possible and in as safe a way as possible. However, you need to understand that this is not a one size fits all solution. Depending upon what you want to occur to the rodent, the type of animal plays a big part in the choices that you have available to you.

For example, if you had a mouse or a group of mice that were living in your attic your solution to getting rid of them would be quite different than if you had squirrels or raccoons living in there. Mice are not as easily scared away from your attic because they can easily scurry away into some kind of crevice or crack that will make it very difficult to try to get them to leave. On the other hand, if you were to startle a raccoon it will attempt to leave out of whatever entryway it is using to get into your home, and you would have a much greater opportunity to just enclose that gap so that it cannot get back in. This is the conundrum you face.

No matter what kind of rodent you are talking about, one option that you always have available to you is the use of some kind of poison to kill off the beast or beasts. Many do not like this option, but the reality is that if you do not want this critter or critters ever returning to your home then ending their lives may be the most logical solution. You would no longer have to worry about whether they could get into your home or not. They would be dead.

If you do not wish to use such means, then it is the size of the animal that will make the difference for you. If you have a problem with an animal such as a raccoon or a squirrel, then you could use something like a one-way funnel to keep the animal from getting back into your home. Once it leaves out of the attic it would not be able to get back in. For smaller animals you could use some kind of a trap to capture them and then just take the trap out of your home and release them.

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