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Will repellents get a rodent out of the attic?

We live in a society where human beings have moved into virtually every habitat and location on earth. This is often meant that other animals that lived and thrived in those areas, have been pushed aside by people so that they can then set up their own residence there.

As kind of a pushback by these animals, some of them have found that they can use your home as their own shelter. This is especially true of rodents, who have found that your attic can actually become the most ideal place to set up their own residence. Whether you are talking about larger rodents, like raccoons or squirrels, or the smaller ones, like rats and mice, these rodents find that your attic offers them the perfect kind of location for several reasons.

Not only does your attic probably get ignored by you for the most part, which means they get relative solitude there all the time, but there are likely materials available to them that could make a great nest. If you do use your attic its probably to store items, which means that your blankets, clothing, or newspaper articles can make the ideal betting for their nest. It truly is their own way of saying that if you’re going to take our space, working to take it back in other ways.

To try to combat this problem many turn to repellents to try to keep these animals away from their attic and their home area in general. The question is whether these repellents really worked to get rid of rodents and the answer, sadly, is that they don’t.

Repellents sound like a great idea. By something like mothballs or ammonia or go out and get commercial repellents, place them around your home and even in the attic area in these pests should be kept away. That sounds like a logical idea that should work, but the truth is that it has several flaws to it the keep it from being any success at all.

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It starts with the fact that these repellents have limited workability. While they are irritating to many rodents, they are not a deterrent enough to keep the rodents away permanently. In other words, the raccoon, rat, or mice may not like the repellent, but they don’t find it abhorrent enough to stay away from it. What this tells you is you just wasted your money.

There are some commercial repellents that have had some success but they pose their own risk to them. The first of these is that the first rain comes in their worn away. If you placed the repellent outside to keep these animals from even approaching your home you’re going to have to continually use it for it to work. That can get expensive.

Inside your home these repellents can have a very strong smell. That may not be an odor that you want freely roaming around your house. This leaves you to look at other options to resolve this problem. Read more: Rat Control, Get Rats Out of the Attic, Rat Trapping, Rats in the Ceiling, Rat Feces.

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