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Photographs of Wildlife Poop in Attics - Raccoon, Squirrel, Rat Feces Pictures Pics

Rat Feces Photographs - Is it Dangerous?

You can see that raccoon feces is fairly large, often in piles. The turds are often not single, clean, distinct pieces. It is usually very dark in color, with some color variation due to roughage. As with any fecal matter, it gets light and more chalky in color as it ages. The ends are more rounded, and never pointy. The most common telltale trait of raccoon poop is that it often has berries in it, as you can see above. But the waste varies, as you can see below:

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Rat Poop in Attic Insulation

Rat Poop Trail in Attic

Rat Feces In Attic

Comparison - Sqirrel Feces

How To Clean Up Rat Dropping In The Attic - If there are rats in your area and you own a home then you will likely need to know how to clean up rodent dropping in the attic. Rodents like the Norway Rat can and will make a home in your attic. That means that even after you get them out of there you are still not done. You still have to make sure that you clean up their droppings to prevent any diseases from being spread. That is a caution that you must take especially if you have pets in your home. To make sure that you do the job right, there are special cleaners that are not available in the nearest home and garden store. They are special enzyme based cleaners that contain living bacteria or enzymes to digest fecal matter. If you do not have such cleaners nearby then you can use bleach, but it won’t be as effective or easy to apply as fogging with the enzyme. Bleach applied directly will kill the germs and will leave the place clean. You should always wear gloves when you are cleaning any droppings from any wildlife in your home and the squirrel is no exception. You should make sure that you clean every spot and that you are not spreading the droppings by using a cleaning motion right over them. Pick them up first with a paper towel then clean up the surface with the bleach and water mixture.

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Is What I See Norway Rat Poop or Black Rat Poop - Norway Rat feces is about 3/8 to 1/2 inch in length. It is dark brown or black in color and it is represented in a large number. Some Norways apparently expel many pellets at once when they go. They also do not hesitate to mix a pooping site with a feeding site, since many sites of poop also have nuts right next to it. The poop of the Norway Rat is a little thicker in bulk than that of a Black Rat. This makes sense since Norwayss are a little larger in size than Black, or Roof Rats. Squirrel poop, whether it is from a red squirrel or a gray squirrel, looks very much like rat poop and to be certain what you are dealing with, you may need to be extra vigilant for a while until you actually see what kind of rodent is leaving the poop behind.

Whenever you find squirrel poo, or rat poo, in your house, do not touch it with your bare hands. Also, do not sweep it up into a dust pan unless you wash the dustpan afterward with ammonia to kill any germs that may have been in the poop. Rodent excrements can cause illness. Be especially careful with small children around since they will stick anything into their mouths.

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Is Rat Poop Is Similar To Squirrel Poop - When you think you see squirrel poop in your house, you may easily confuse it with that of another rodent, the rat. Both of their feces look very much alike, especially if you are thinking of the poop of a very large rat like Norway Rat feces or Black Rat poop. When you compare the two types of animal droppings, it is hard to distinguish one from the other. There are slight differences, however. The excrement of a rodent is not quite as large in circumference as that of a squirrel. A rodent’s poop also has a more tapered appearance at both its ends than squirrel poo.

Squirrels and rats both have poop that looks like cylindrically or oval shaped pellets. Both their poop is nearly black in color and wherever you find it, there is a lot of it, not just one or two or three pellets. You may find a pile of fifty or more pellets in one place. Usually, one oval shaped pellet of a squirrel is about 1/8 to ¼ of an inch long. The red squirrel’s poop is not really different from that of other kinds of squirrels. They are very similar in appearance and may not be distinguishable from other squirrel poo at all with the naked eye.

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