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What can rodents chew through?

If you have ever seen the teeth of rodent then you are quite aware that they have a fairly formidable group in their mouth. Because of the kinds of foods that they eat and the need to be able to gain access into areas, like the wall of your home, so that they can live, these animals have very sharp and powerful teeth.

Any person who has ever had a rat or a hamster as a pet can clearly attest to this. It is frequently the case where these animals will get a little testy at times and bite their owner on the finger or the hand. Those teeth truly hurt, and can dig deep into the flesh.

Yes, it is true that they can and will bite people at times, but those teeth have proven to be significantly sharper and more powerful than many have imagined. Many pet owners can attest to the fact that they purchased a metal cage for their rats, mice, or hamster, only to find that the animal or animals consistently chewed on the cage and tell they were able to actually eat away portions of the metal in an attempt to try to get away.

Rodents are known to chew at plastic, eating their way through to get out of cages or to gain access into some area. Because of the strength of their teeth they are easily able to devour wood, no matter the thickness or type of wood that you are talking about. They simply have that kind of teeth that enables them to do so.

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What you will find is that there are very few kinds of materials that are rodent is unable to chew through. It actually takes some very strong kinds of metal to keep these animals from being able to chew through or gnaw the material. It also means that the thickness of the material needs to be such that it is difficult for the animal to be able to use its teeth in a way to break through the material.

This may be very discouraging news to the vast majority of you. You may be looking at this and thinking to yourself you were hoping to hear that there were many materials that are rodent was unable to get through, but the fact of the matter is that if these little critters have the time to keep working at something they can be quite formidable and overcome the barrier to get through.

One exception to that that you should be aware of is glass. While a rat, hamster, or other kind of rodent can get through glass at times, the primary reason why it is used in many cages for these rodents is because of the fact that it is a difficult surface for them to chew through. In addition, the glass shards would damage the mouth of the rodent, causing it to stop out of fear of harming itself. This is why it is a great choice for any kind of cage, trap, or barrier. Read more: Rat Control, Get Rats Out of the Attic, Rat Trapping, Rats in the Ceiling, Rat Feces.

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