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What equipment is needed to trap a rodent?

At some point, you may find that some kind of rodent has found its way into your home are on to your property. As a result, you want to do all that you can to remove this animal away. Something like a squirrel will leave on its own, as it may simply be on your property to find nuts or something of that nature. However, raccoons, possums, and other animals like this may stick around, and or something that you want to try to get rid of.

If they are in your home, then you clearly have an entirely different story. You simply can’t allow one of these kinds of rodents to be in your house because of the potential health risk that they bring. Each of these rodents can carry parasites and diseases that can expose you, your family, and your pets to a wide variety of health issues, and so they must be gotten rid of immediately.

To resolve this, you may decide that setting a trap for these animals is the best way to go. However, you simply can’t use the same trap to catch a raccoon that you would use to catch a mouse. The size alone makes this a useless idea.

For smaller sized animals, such as rats and mice, there are a wide variety of commercial traps that are available out there for you to buy. From there it is simply a matter of getting the right bait, something like cheese or peanut butter, to catch these animals.

However, for an animal like a raccoon or possum, you may need to either get yourself a commercial trap or to build your own kind of mechanism to be able to catch the animal. Commercial traps can be quite expensive, which may lead you to go with creating your own improvised trap to catch the rodent. This may make you wonder what equipment is needed to trap a rodent like this?

It actually takes a lot less than what you may think. The first of equipment that you need is protection for yourself. You are going to try to trap this animal on your own or with help of a friend, but you want to do so by first ensuring that you have protected yourself and your friend has as well. You need to wear heavy close to protect all exposed areas of your skin, something like coveralls, as well as where thick gloves, a surgical mask, and goggles. This will make sure that none of the byproducts of the animal get into your respiratory system or in through your skin risking your health.

From there it is simply a matter of finding something that will enable you to trap the animal so that you can move it. Some choose to use something like a wooden box but this can be difficult to move after you capture the animal, depending upon the weight. This is why using a canvas bag and a wire noose are the way to go. These nooses are attached on a long pole that allow you to wrap the noose around the animal’s neck and then drag it into your bag. Then you simply take it outside and let it go. Read more: Rat Control, Get Rats Out of the Attic, Rat Trapping, Rats in the Ceiling, Rat Feces.

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