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Do snakes always inject venom when they bite?

No one likes to come across a snake. These creepy little reptiles slither around and are not a lot of fun to come across suddenly. Even if you are not a squeamish person, a snake can be a very unnerving thing to come across. They not only are quite scary looking but some can be extremely dangerous.

This is probably the biggest concern that most people have. They don’t like the idea of coming across one of these dangerous creatures. There are many species of snakes, like rattlesnakes, copperheads, and pythons, and can be lethal to human beings. When they bite you the venom that they release can lead to extreme illness, paralysis, and even death. This makes them so dangerous and is a primary reason why so many do not like to come in contact with these snakes. They don’t know one snake from another, and so they are worried that if they come in contact with a dangerous snake they will not know, get bitten and die! No one wants that.

While there is reason to be concerned, the truth is that not as many snakes as you may think actually carry poison. The vast majorities are nothing more than scary to come across, but if you were bitten by one it would just hurt, but not be lethal.

It is just a small number of species of snakes that inject venom when they bite you. These are the ones that you commonly know, like the rattlesnake or the copperhead, are the ones that most commonly carry a poison. They are the exceptions.

While most do not carry poisons or venoms when they bite, there is some concern that you should have if you are bitten by a snake. Like many other animals, the germs that are in their mouth can often be quite dangerous to human beings. This means that if you are bitten you can get parasites, bacteria, or food particles from things that they have been eating in the bite marks in your skin. These areas can easily become infected and lead to all kinds of health issues for you.

If you are bitten by a snake you should seek medical attention right away. There are too many cases where the bite area can become quite infected or the parasites can enter the blood stream and travel to areas where they can cause issues for your digestive tract, excretory system, or even your heart. Plus, if you were bitten by a venomous snake and did not realize it you want to make sure that you are treated right away. Delaying seeking medical treatment can be incredibly dangerous to you and may lead to death. This is why you simply cannot take a risk.

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