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Common snakes of Illinois

Illinois State enjoys one of the most diverse geography and with it comes a diverse range of wildlife – including snakes. From mountain peaks to rivers, the geography here allows for different types of snakes to live perfectly, with different ones choosing different places that suit their needs. With more than two thousand square miles of water cover, Illinois is especially a good ground for aquatic and semi-aquatic snakes, which have taken no chances in stamping their presence in the state. Here is a quick view at some of the common snakes of Illinois.

Ring neck snakes are some of the common group of snakes in Illinois. These snakes are largely of a small make, they are secretive in relation to humans and thus hard to come by. They come in varying colors and have a ring around their neck, normally yellow, red or orange, which contrasts with their otherwise dark body color. Common ring neck snakes residing in Illinois include the Northern ring neck, the Mississippi ring neck and the prairie ring neck.

Green snakes are one other common sighting among snakes in Illinois. They are basically divided into two depending on the texture of their scales, which include the rough green snake with a rough scale and the smooth green scales with smooth body scales.

Milk snakes also have a strong presence in various parts of Illinois. They include the red milk snake as well as the eastern milk snake. They closely resemble the coral snake and will have different patterns depending on the specific habitat. Their colors are well suited for camouflaging among vegetations. They are nocturnal during warm months of the year and do eat a wide-ranging diet. They are also known to be specialized opportunistic hunters in the wild.

A number of water snakes also reside in Illinois especially around the major water bodies of the state. This include the midland water snake, the broad banded water snake, the yellow belly water snake, the diamondback water snake as well as the northern water snake. These are talented swimmers and love to prey on sea creatures. Read more: Snake Control, Venomous Snakes of Florida, How to Identify Snakes, How to Kill Snakes.

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