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What is the Best Way To Kill A Snake

I will give advice on how to kill a snake. You probably already know - behead it with a shovel, shoot it with a shotgun, etc. But before you do kill a snake, I'm just going to say that in general, it's only ignorant assholes who kill snakes. Seriously, that's the only people who kill snakes - uneducated idiots who have never bothered to try to actually understand the world they live in. Here are the two main reasons to never kill a snake:

1 - 85%, yes 85% of all snakebites occur when people attempt to kill or capture snakes. Just leave them alone! They will NEVER strike out of pointless aggression (unlike humans, who are undeniably the world's most destructive superpredator).
2 - The odds that you actually saw a venomous snake are super slim. Almost all snakes killed by people are not only harmless, but rare and beneficial creatures that have a hard enough time surviving as it is. Is the snake big and fat? No? It's a slim snake? Then it's harmless!

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How To Kill A Snake In most cases it is not humans that are the victims of snakes but the other way around. Because of misunderstandings a snake can be seen as something dangerous when in fact they do not represent as much danger to people as other wildlife. Snakes can in fact be beneficial to humans because they can keep rodent population down and prevent other kinds of infestation on your property. It is understandable however that you may want to get rid of a snake that has gone into your house or your back yard. Some people do not like the idea of having a snake around pets, children or even themselves and it can become a necessity to kill the snake. In those situations you should try to make the killing fast to avoid risk to yourself and to do it as humanely as possible.

Dangers You should never try to handle a snake if you do not have any experience with snakes. Although the number of venomous snakes in North America is small, you may have enough bad luck to run into one. If you do not know how to recognize them then do not risk it. Most people who are bitten suffer the bites because they were trying to handle or capture a snake. At that point the snake feels that it has to defend itself so it will strike. Generally a snake will rather avoid humans and escape or hide when in our presence. Some snakes are in rare cases confrontational and will defend what they see as their territory. Even if a snake is not venomous it will still be able to deliver a painful bite if the handler does not take the necessary precautions.

Snake Traps Snake traps are the easiest way to kill a snake. Some of the traps which end up always being the more effective ones go for the head. They trap and snap the head of the snake instantly so it is a humane way of doing it if they work correctly. Sometimes these traps will fail and will just hold the snake in place which is not very common, but it does happen. In those cases you should try and cut the snake’s head off yourself. Even if the snake is not moving and you believe it to be dead you should still take this precaution because you can never be 100 percent sure unless the head is off. Do not release the snake before cutting off the head because a snake, even when badly injured could still strike. Make sure you do this especially in the case of venomous snakes. Once you have cut the head off then you can dispose of the snake.

If You Have No Traps You will not always have a snake trap handy. If you are camping for example you will not have much more than what you can find in nature. In those cases if you need to kill a snake you have to be a lot more careful and creative. You will need a Y shaped branch that will not break and that is small enough to trap the snake’s head. The moment you try to trap the head that is when you are most at risk because a snake that has noticed you will be weary of you and will try to defend itself. Once you have the head use a blunt object and hit the head of the snake. One blow should do it, but don’t take chances and cut the head if possible. You can go for the head with the blunt object without trapping it, but you will have to make sure you hit it on the first try. If you do this make sure that the thing you hit the snake with is long enough to give you some distance. Some snakes can dart a few feet to strike. Remember in most cases it is unnecessary to kill a snake, but if you have to do it, be extremely careful.

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