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Common snakes of South Carolina

South Carolina is home to more than thirty eight different types of snakes and only six are recorded to be venomous. The snakes in South Carolina stay in a wide range of habitats, eat different diets and behave differently when confronted. Majority of the venomous snakes here are secretive and love to hide away from humans thus chances of running into one are minimal, except when one is taking a tour in the wild where they could be holed up.

The corn snake is one of the most commonly sighted snakes in South Carolina, popular for its red under belly that resembles Indian corn. Known to be skilled climbers and young ones talented in this art as well, when they are not doing the climbing then these snake will mostly hide underground or behind some other objects to avoid running into jam with humans or other potentially harmful creatures.

The southern banded water snake is another common snake residing in South Carolina. It is identified with its cross bands that are usually dark in color with the addition of a dark stripe that runs from its eyes to the jaw regions. This snake is a good swimmer and loves to reside new water bodies where it hunts for prey as well.

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The eastern chain king snake, also known as the common king snake, is one the largest snakes in South Carolina. For its big size, it preys on a number of animals including insects and rodents and fellow snakes that cross its path are also not very fortunate, including venomous ones.

The Dekays Brown snake is known to be one other secretive snake that is non-venomous in nature – often seeking to hide from humans. It is brown in color with two dark rows running down its body.

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Venomous snakes of South Carolina

But there are also a number of venomous snakes residing in South Carolina, and these are not very good reptiles to ram into to. They could cause serious danger to life in case a fight erupts. One of them is the Diamondback rattlesnake which rattles its diamond-like back loudly whenever it views a person encroaching into its personal space. It strikes aggressively when approached as well. It loves the eastern regions of South Carolina.

The eastern coral snake is another deadly snake living in South Carolina and has close resemblance to the cobra. Loving coastal plains, this snake mostly inhabits the sandy beaches and pine woods of South Carolina. Its venom is said to be life threatening and can kill an adult human being within a short period if immediate medical care is not sought. Finally, the pygmy rattlesnake is one other unfriendly species with a presence in South Carolina. It is one of the shortest with strong constriction capabilities. It is known to be aggressive and extremely venomous. Read more: Snake Control, Venomous Snakes of Florida, How to Identify Snakes, How to Kill Snakes.

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