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What attracts snakes?

Snakes are animals that most people absolutely despise. They were afraid of these animals, and rightfully so in many cases. Many snakes are poisonous or venomous and can create illness or even death in people that are bitten by or who have come in contact with these reptiles.

If you have studied anything about snakes, then you are probably aware that they are quite different than most other animals. Most animals that are out searching for food use either their sense of smell or their eyesight to be able to detect food sources or pray that they wish to use as their meal for the day. This is where snakes are quite different and what attracts them.

While a snake may find its next meal I what it sees, smells or hears, where is snake is most attracted is by vibration. Because a snake is crawling low along the ground it can sense when there is any disturbance upon the surface of that ground. Even small little animals such as mice or even bugs will cause the ground to shake ever so slightly. To a snake, this is easily detectable.

A snake is most attracted to that vibrational feeling when it senses that something is moving then it becomes alert to start moving or being more observant in that direction. This allows it to be able to find food more readily, often with a much superior sense than other animals would have.

If you consider the environment that a lot of snakes live in, the desert as an example, it would be easy to see how having a great sense of smell, vision, or hearing may not be nearly as advantageous as it would be in other environments. The desert heat can create optical illusions that make you see something that isn’t there. The winds can remove smells and sounds, especially in areas where very strong wind currents can be found. If the snake was only using the senses to be able to detect food it could be at a clear disadvantage.

However, its ability to sense vibration along the ground gives it a great advantage over other creatures. Over time it is able to detect when vibration is the wind simply moving the dirt and soil, or a potential meal that it should start moving towards.

In essence, it is vibration that attracts snakes the most. For this reason, if you are out in an area where snakes such as rattlers are present you need to be very careful about how you disturb the earth. It is not vibration that may attract them and lead to your ultimate demise if you are not incredibly careful when you are walking in an area where rattle snakes are known to reside. Keep in mind that they will know you are there before you know they are. Read more: Snake Control, Venomous Snakes of Florida, How to Identify Snakes, How to Kill Snakes.

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