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How do snakes sleep?

Snakes are very unusual animals as they are. With a strange body, unusual way in which they digest food, and the ability of some of the species of reptiles to be able to inject venom into their victims, this is an unusual animal that many have become terrified of. It is understandable to be honest.

One of the characteristics that is quite odd about snakes is that they do not have eyelids. At least not how we think of them. While there is a transparent covering that protects the eyes from being damaged, most snakes never really have any kind of flap that covers their eyes. This makes many wonder how do snakes sleep?

This is a very interesting question because it seems quite odd that these reptiles would be able to sleep without eyelids. In all seriousness, what animal that you know of that does not have eyelids to sleep. There are not many and this is another one of those oddities about the snake that really makes them even more unusual.

Some may even wonder if a snake sleeps at all. If they don’t have eyelids maybe they don’t really need to sleep at all. That fact is that they do.

The truth is that despite the lack of eyelids they can actually sleep fine. This is not a matter of a need for eyelids. The ability to sleep is part completely controlled by the brain of the snake which goes through the process of putting the body in a kind of rest that is really no different than any other animal. The primary difference is that they simply don’t close their eyelids. That is really all that there is to it.

Now you may wonder how it is that one can tell that a snake is sleeping. In most other animas you can see that their eyes are closed, but how can one be sure that a snake is sleeping. This is done by checking to make sure that the reptile is not moving at all. If a snake is completely motionless, then this is usually a good indicator that the snake is sleep.

There is a caution to this, however. Just because it is motionless does not mean you should go up to it to get a closer look. These animals can be quite still without being asleep at times, and since their eyes are always open you must be doing things that protect yourself. Simply stay away from them and keep yourself safe.

If you want to really see how a snake looks when it is sleeping and make sure that you are safe doing so, the best option is to check it out at the zoo. Behind a glass window you are a lot safer. Read more: Snake Control, Venomous Snakes of Florida, How to Identify Snakes, How to Kill Snakes.

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