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Common Snakes of Arizona

Arizona is a state that has a lot of desert area, and it is quite hot there almost year round. This is why it is the perfect climate for snakes. In fact, you will find over two dozen different species of these reptiles in the state. Here are some of the more common snakes you will find in the state.

Arizona Milk Snake – This is also known as the Arizona Mountain Kingsnake and is found in virtually every area of the state. They eat birds, rats, mice, and lizards, among other things, and their ability to eat a wide variety of foods makes it so that they can survive and thrive in so many different environments. This snake is one of the few that traces its origins to Arizona, and does most of its hunting and moving about during the daylight hours.

Arizona Patch-Nosed Snake – This is a snake that traces its roots to the western patch-nosed snake. They are pretty small in size, especially in comparison to other snakes, with a maximum length of about 45 inches, but most are about 12 inches less than this. While there can be color variations, the most common ones are a yellowish or tan color with black patterns in the snake. They love to eat the eggs of other reptiles, as well as rats, mice, and lizards. They are more often found in the dry desert areas.

Banded Leafnose Snake – this snake is found in areas where there is usually a dense amount of brush or grass. They are a lightly colored brown, tan or gray, which makes them blend into vegetation well. They get their name from the fact that most are spotted when they are on the sandy areas near rivers, but they are not often seen that way. Their color is made for to blend into vegetation and this is how they generally live.

The Venomous Snakes of Arizona

There are nine different rattlesnakes in Arizona alone, showing that this can be a dangerous place to go to if you are looking to avoid venomous snakes. Most are found in the desert areas, but they will venture into populated areas. You should be much more concerned when traveling in rural areas.

Among the differing species of rattlesnake, you will find the Grand Canyon, Sidewinder, Great Basin, Tiger, Hopi, Prairie, and Western Diamond rattlesnakes. All of these are capable of killing a person with one bite, as they secrete a highly toxin venom that shuts down muscular system causing a person to become paralyzed.

The Coral Snake is the other venomous snake you must worry about. This snake has venom but it is not usually potent enough to kill a person. Read more: Snake Control, Venomous Snakes of Florida, How to Identify Snakes, How to Kill Snakes.

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