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Do snakes come out in the rain?

Since a snake has no appendages, it is obviously quite close to the ground. This means that things that could be on the ground that would not normally be hazardous to animals with appendages become more treacherous for a snake. For example, most animals may simply walk over a piece of glass that is on the ground, but a snake may have to navigate directly over it, putting itself in a treacherous situation as it engages the jagged edges of the glass.

Because of its lack of appendages, many wonder if a snake is in a dangerous situation when it rains. If there is a serious downpour, that fact that the snake is so close to the ground would seem to really add to the danger that it would encounter, especially if it was a torrential downpour, where there was a great deal of rain that had fallen.

Consider that during many serious rains that you would find in the southwest or along the shores they can get as much as three or four inches per hour of rain. This would completely immerse many snakes and would make it seem that they would be in a lot of trouble if they did not get out of the rain. So, this makes many wonder if a snake will come out of the rain?

The truth is that the reverse is most often the case. If you consider where most snakes live, it is in holes that they have created in the ground. If heavy rains began to hit, all that would do is fill their holes much more quickly and they would drown for sure. For this reason, their first reaction is to get out of the ground as quickly as possible so that they are not in danger of drowning.

They will be out when it is raining, so they need to find shelter in some location if the rains continue. This does not mean that they get out of the rain; it simply means that they need to get away from rushing water.

When it rains, the first thing that a snake does is to head for higher ground. This can mean that a brick wall, a hill, your deck or a large rock can become the perfect refuge for a snake so that it will not be in danger of drowning. This is the most common thing that snakes will do.

This should be a warning to you as well. You cannot think you are safe from being bitten by a snake solely because it is raining. They will be out, and a lot of people report being bitten by snakes during this time, especially near their garbage cans. Read more: Snake Control, Venomous Snakes of Florida, How to Identify Snakes, How to Kill Snakes.

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