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Common Snakes of Ohio

Ohio is a very diverse state in terms of the different ecosystems that can be found, and this explains why there are so many different kinds of snakes that can be found here as well. In fact, there are 25 different species of snakes that are in Ohio, and they can be found in just about every environment, including hills, valleys, around lakes and rivers, on small, isolated islands, along drainage basins, and in the major cities of the state.

While there are many different kinds of snakes that can be found, there are only three venomous kinds. Let’s start here by telling you about them.

Timber Rattlesnake – this is a snake that can be found in many parts of the country. This snake can be as long as 55 inches in length, but usually is around 40-50 inches. It has a yellow or brownish color to it with black or brown bands that wrap around it on many points on its body. This is a dangerous predator if you come across it, so be really careful.

Eastern Massassuaga Rattlesnake – This is also a rattlesnake, but is not as dangerous as its cousin or exists in as large of a population. They are about 30 inches long and are much darker than the Timber Rattlesnake. This snake is found in the northern part of the snake, usually along areas where it can get quite cold in the winter.

Northern Copperhead – This is a snake that is also about 30 inches in length, and goes into the viper family. That means it has a pit between its eyes that make sensing prey much easier for the reptile. This is bad news for you, as these reptiles can sense you long before you know that they are about.

Many Non-Venomous Species

Common Watersnake – This reptile is about 40 inches long and can come in many different colors, including red, brown, gray, and black. As it gets older the snake gets to be a whole lot darker. The underbelly is a lot lighter in color.

Rat Snake – this is a very popular snake, not because it comes in large numbers, but because people like to have the snake around. This reptile not only eats mice and rats, but will also eat venomous snakes. This not only helps to reduce the rodent population, but will keep dangerous snakes away. While looking a lot like a copperhead, it is not anywhere near dangerous. You simply need to know which snake is which.

Eastern Hognose – This snake gets its name because of the peculiar shape of the snout. It will eat toads and frogs and will dig into the soil to get water. Read more: Snake Control, Venomous Snakes of Florida, How to Identify Snakes, How to Kill Snakes.

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