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Do snakes live in holes?

If you have seen a snake before then you know that these are rather peculiar looking animals. Because of their shape and lack of any appendages, it makes it a lot more challenging for them to find secure places to take up residence. It is not like they can simply dig a hole for themselves. There are no hands or feet to be able to use or dig. There are no pauses or clause that help was scraping away the ground. In fact, the only ability that a snake has to dig is by using its nose. Clearly, this does not allow it to do much digging within the soil, especially if the soil is quite hard and compact.

This leaves the snake to basically take advantage of the terrain around it to find a place to live. It needs to find somewhere where some other animal has left it the opportunity to find shelter to live in. This is what the snake does for the vast majority.

It is a little more ominous than it sounds here. Snakes will find other dens and burrows to use for their homes. This could be a situation where another animal has dug a hole in the ground and the snake simply moves in because that other animal is now gone. This happens quite frequently, in fact.

However, this is not always the case. There are many instances where a snake has killed its prey as a meal, and then has determined that the home that that preys made would be the ideal spot for it to make its own home in. This becomes the ideal location for the snake, often because it is a great place to attack potential meals for itself.

Sometimes, the snake just sits with its head near the entrance to that whole and waits for a rat, squirrel, go for, or other animal to pass by. When it does, it simply leaps out of the whole, sinks its fangs into its victim, and drags it back into the hole to begin the digestion process. There are also instances where other animals will see the hole in the ground and think that it would make for the ideal location for them self to use as a home. They scurry down the entrance only to find a snake has set up residence inside there. Sadly, by the time they realized their mistake it is way too late for them.

The snake is very unlikely to be able to dig its own hole that if it comes across one it is not afraid to set up residence there. Most animals that would dig a hole to use as their home are no match for a snake, making them completely able to take the home without a problem. Read more: Snake Control, Venomous Snakes of Florida, How to Identify Snakes, How to Kill Snakes.

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