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Several animals are classified as rodents. The most common rodents in the Orlando area are rats, Roof Rats (Black Rats or Citrus Rats) in particular, and Eastern Gray Squirrels. There are also some mice and flying squirrels, though these are rare. Other rodent species, such as beavers, groundhogs, and nutria do not live in Orlando. Some people refer to pretty much any nuisance wildlife species as a rodent, even raccoons, which are closer to bears or opossums, which are marsupials. Armadillos, moles, and bats, are also not rodents. So if you need help with a problem involving any of these non-rodents, just click the animal links to the left. If you need help with a rat, squirrel, or mouse, then read on.

The key to rodent control is not in constant killing of the rodents, but in preventing them from entering the house or building in the first place. You can solve your rodent problem, permanently, in just a short time. This is much better than a constant never-ending battle via trapping or poisoning. In order to solve the rodent problem permanently, all of the holes/gaps/pipes/vents leading into the house must be sealed shut so that no rats or mice or squirrels can ever get in again. Once that's done, the problem will be solved for good. Yes, the rodents stuck inside the building must be trapped and removed, and that's a very easy process for rodent experts such as us. We remove them all, and in days, the problem is solved for good. Give us a call for Orlando rodent control, and we will take care of the problem for the life of your house or building. Given that rodents chew on wires and cause fire hazards, and can spread disease, it's a good investment for your property!

I operate a professional Orlando rodent control company, specializing in the extermination and complete control of rats in the house and especially, the most common problem that we deal with, rats in the attic. If you hear noises coming from the attic, or hear rats in the ceiling, it's important to address the matter right away. The problem will only get worse if you leave it untreated with time. You may want to know how to kill rats, but it's important to know that it's not just about rats extermination, but rather rat prevention. Yes, the rats must be removed via rat trapping, but they must be sealed out of the building entirely for the job to be complete with full success rate. We deal with all rodents, including mice. If you have a mouse problem, such as mice in the attic, and need to get rid of mice, we can provide that service as well. We are experts at Orlando mouse control, where the same rat trapping and exclusion principles apply.

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