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How To Get Rid of Mice


Many people want to know how to get rid of mice for good. Mice often live in the attics, walls, ceilings, and other parts of homes. They routinely climb down wires and pipes and enter the house through small gaps in the walls, and raid the pantry. People have a few ideas when it comes to mouse control.
  • Set out some mouse poison
  • Lay out a few sticky glue traps
  • Set some mouse snap traps
  • Use a high-pitched noise machine
  • Get a cat
Tut-tut, these methods will most certainly not get rid of mice. Yes, they will get a single mouse here and there, or several, but for every one you see in your trap or that Fluffy the cat lays at your feet, a whole bunch will not be caught. They will continue to breed, continue to poop in the attic, gnaw on your food, chew electrical wires, and so on. And don't get me started on poison. It's a really bad idea for several reasons, first because it doesn't ever solve the problem, and second because it leaves stinking dead mouse carcasses in your house. We get rid of all the mice, permanently with full guarantee. Here is our process for total mouse elimination:

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Inspection: We inspect the house to see how mice can get in. They are expert climbers, and can fit into very tiny gaps, or holes as small as a dime. It's amazing, the small size of the holes they can enter! We find all such areas, and we seal them shut permanently, with steel, to prevent the mice from getting back in again. This is the most crucial step. If you miss just one spot, or leave one vulnerable area open that mice can chew back into, then the job will fail.

Trapping: Like I said, don't use poison! Once we've got the whole house or building sealed up, and no more mice can get in or out, we trap and remove all of the mice. Mice are very easy to trap, if you set the right types of traps in the right areas. You can't just put a few traps scattered here and there. We set dozens, in the exact areas that mice inhabit most, in your attic and wherever else they frequent. There's a whole bunch of mice traps out there, and some work well, and others don't. We've tried them all, and we know which traps are best and which are gimmicks. How To Trap Mice - A more in-depth trapping guide.

Follow-Up: We return to inspect the house, and look for any fresh mice activity - it's easy to spot. We make sure all of our areas that we've sealed are shut. We remove any trapped mice and replace traps until there is absolutely no more sign of mice - no more caught, no more evidence, no footprint, droppings, chewing, and none are heard. We make sure that the problem is completely solved, 100%, permanently, before we call the job complete.

Cleanup: If the mice have left a lot of droppings and urine in the attic, it can serve as a powerful signal to attract new mice to the attic, and it can also pose a potential biohazard. Mice carry many diseases. We fog the attic with a special enzyme-based biohazard cleaner that kills all bacteria, pathogens, and parasites that mice carry.

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Apartment
Mice are smaller than rats and consequently their feet do not make as much noise when they run around in your apartment. When everything is quiet at night, however, you may actually be able to hear little scurrying noises. When you turn on the light, you see nothing. Little bits of evidence that mice were there may be found when you look close enough.
To get rid of mice, some may advise you to get a cat. That doesnít always work. If your cat is well fed, it may not care at all that a mouse tries to survive on whatever crumbs it can find in your apartment. If your mouse population has already gone out of hand, the cat wonít be able to control them because of the sheer number of them. Get yourself a number of mouse traps, bait them and set them in spaces your cat canít reach but the mice frequent. Sometimes there is a small space between the refrigerator and the wall. This would be a safe place to place a trap. Mice love going under the refrigerator. They usually find some food there. The drip tray may also provide them with water. Traps are the best but you could also use the glue board. Mice are small enough to get stuck so that they canít get off the board. The problem comes in the disposal of the live mouse. Be careful not to get bitten.

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Walls
Anytime a critter is in your walls, it is a difficult problem for the homeowner to get it out. After it is out, you have to wonder how it got there in the first place. First things first: How do we get the mouse out? If it is far enough down the wall, it probably cannot get out by itself. Its fate is certain death which will give you a certain odor. Even if you could stand living with the odor, it would be very hard to hear the mouse trying to claw its way out of there. You will have to live with the clawing noise and the knowledge that this mouse is dying, for several days.
Placing a mouse trap in such a space is futile. You would have to be able to lower it from the attic into the wall space where the mouse is. The trap would snap before it would ever reach the mouse. A glue board may work well if you lower it with string to the space where the mouse is and wait for the mouse to step into the glue. You could then just pull up the board with the mouse on it. But it is not guaranteed that the mouse will step onto the glue. A surer, but more destructive, way is to get someone to cut a hole through your wall above the horizontal bridging board and get the mouse out before it dies.

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Crawl Space
To have mice in a crawl space is always preferable to having them in your home. They are near but still separated from you. The crawl space is like the Ritz Hotel for those little critters. The insulation there keeps them nice and cozy in their quarters. It is a safe place to bring up young ones and it protects them from rain, wind and heat. Sometimes it is only a matter of time until an adventurous rodent decides to look for greener pastures. For that reason, as soon as you become aware that there are mice in your crawl space, you want to take steps to exterminate them.
Since this is an outside area, you have a number of options available to you. Poisoning the mice is very effective. They will run and hide before they die but it will be at a place where the odor of death will dissipate into the air. Trapping them through snap traps is a very efficient way to be rid of these pests as well. You need a number of these traps. Bait them well and check them daily, perhaps even twice daily. The glue board will work well in the crawl space also. Glue boards may be a little expensive if you have to buy several of them. Donít forget, you also have to dispose of live mice with the glue board, which may be the limiting factor of choice.

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Basement
Mice will try to enter your basement anytime of the year, but when the weather turns cold, they will double their efforts to find a warm home for themselves and their offspring. A basement is the perfect solution for them. This is especially true if you live in an older home where there is a little more clutter than usual and where the mortar between the bricks or stones of the basement walls has broken down in some areas. Being opportunistic, a mouse will not hesitate to enter and set up housekeeping.
Basements lend themselves to all kinds of ways to eliminate mice. Glue traps which, as soon as the mouse steps on it, it gets glued to the bottom board. The mouse will not be able to get free and would eventually die starving to death. Snap traps, which are probably the more humane way to go, will kill the mouse instantly. These traps have to be baited with food the mouse will love. Peanut butter is usually part of that bait. The glue traps have to be baited also, of course, or the mouse would have no incentive for stepping on it. The last resort method is poisoning. It is a sure way to kill mice but it is not instantaneous. Mice will run and hide in difficult-to-get-to places before they die, which is a drawback.

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