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Orlando Rat Extermination & Rat Prevention

So! You want to exterminate rats, do you? That's all well and good, but will killing a bunch rats solve your rat problem? It might, temporarily, but if you don't solve the root of the problem, you'll never be rid of rats for good. Orlando is chock full of rats - Roof Rats, or rattus rattus, also known as the Black Rat or Citrus Rat. They live and breed constantly, year-round, and the trees are full of them. So are many houses and buildings. Rats just love to live inside the attics and walls of homes. It's a warm, dry, safe place in which to live and breed and spread disease. However, merely exterminating them won't do the trick. You've got to prevent the rats from ever entering your home or building in the first place. This doesn't mean keeping the place clean (rat's aren't necessarily drawn to filth - they live in clean areas, so long as there's food and water sources) and it doesn't mean trimming back the trees (rats can climb any surface to get into your house) and it doesn't meant getting a cat (won't help much). No, the only way to keep them out for good is to block off their points of entry! If they can't get into the house or building in the first place, you've solved the problem. As long as you've got holes/gaps leading into the building, and I mean anywhere, from plumbing stacks to gable vents to AC chases or so many areas, then they'll get in, no matter how many you exterminate. 

What you really need is rat prevention in addition to the extermination. Sure, keeping clean and all may help a bit, but mostly, I mean like 99% of the problem is the fact that you've got openings in your vents, plumbing stacks, fascia board gaps, etc. Once these are all found and sealed shut, problem solved.

  • Keep all garbage in sealed containers - DOESN'T MATTER
  • Don't leave food out - DOESN'T MATTER
  • Keep house clean and sanitary - DOESN'T MATTER
  • Trim back trees and bushes - DOESN'T MATTER
  • Don't keep fruit trees - DOESN'T MATTER
  • Don't leave out pet food - DOESN'T MATTER
  • Get a cat - NICE, BUT DOESN'T MATTER
  • Seal shut all rat entry holes and gaps - THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS
As for methods of how to kill rats, click on the link and read my essay on poison vs. trapping. In short, poison is a really poor approach to rat extermination. It does not solve the problem, and it leads to odor problems from stinking rat carcasses. Trapping, with lethal snap traps, is by far the best method of rat extermination.

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