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How to Kill Rats

There are basically two ways to kill rats. You can either trap them with snap traps, or you can use poison. One way is much, much better than the other. I will analyze the two methods in detail below, but first, I suspect that you actually want to do more than just kill rats - you want to solve your rat problem. Yes, you must kill rats as part of the process, but most importantly, you must prevent them from entering your house! (If you merely have rats outside, let them be, they won't hurt anything, and you'll never stop them). If they're getting inside your house or shed or you have rats in the attic, you can solve the problem but first you must stop them from getting in! Rats breed quickly, and there's a lot of them in the environment. So if you merely kill a few in your house, new ones will come in to replace them. You can't kill every rat on the planet, but you can block them out of your house. Every possible nook and cranny that they can fit into to get into the house, from ground to roof, must be sealed shut with steel. You must first find these areas with a thorough inspection, leaving no area unchecked, and every area must be sealed shut! Then and only then shall you kill them, because otherwise it's an exercise in futility. Okay then, how do you kill them? Let me count the ways: 

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POISON: Bad bad bad idea. Not all the rats will eat it. Not all the rats that eat it will die. Some have become resistant. Some will become resistant. It won't solve the problem. But worst of all, the rats, which live in your attic or walls, will die in your attic or walls, and the smell will be absolutely horrible. Some of the people who use poison tell this lie: "The poison makes the rats thirsty and they go outside to drink, and then swell up and die there". This is not even close to the truth, has absolutely no basis in reality, and you'll never see such a claim in print on any form of rat poison. They'll die wherever they happen to be when they hemorrhage from internal bleeding after they've suffered for a while. And that means that they'll likely die where they live, in your attic. I do dead rat removals almost every day, because of lazy homeowners and pest control companies that set out poison, and then can't or won't find and remove the stinking dead rats. Sometimes new rats will come into the house to eat the dead rats, but most of the time, they just rot and stink to high heavens. Don't use poison.

SNAP TRAPS: This is the best way to do it. Once you've sealed up the house, set many snap traps on the runways the rats use in the attic. They can't get out of the house, they're desperate for food, and they're easy to trap. Then you can remove the dead rats with the traps, and they're gone for good. There's also glue traps, but I do not recommend them. They don't work terribly well (I've seen so many cases in which they escape the glue traps set by ignorant pest control companies) and when they do work, they are very inhumane. At least a snap trap kills the rat instantly, as opposed to poison or glue traps. And what about live cage traps? I've done that many times, and it works, but it's harder to catch them with cage traps, and oftentimes there's many rats, and it's not always feasible to set dozens of cage traps in an attic. Plus, if they're dead, less chance that they work hard to chew their way back in. And really, who wants to relocate a disease-spreading rat that's acclimated toward living in a house?

Okay, this endeth the lesson. Don't use poison to kill rats, use snap traps.

I operate a professional rodent control company, specializing in the extermination and complete control of rats in the house and especially, the most common problem that we deal with, rats in the attic. If you hear noises coming from the attic, or hear rats in the ceiling, it's important to address the matter right away. The problem will only get worse if you leave it untreated with time. You may want to know merely how to kill rats, but it's important to know that it's not just about rats extermination, but rather rat prevention. Yes, the rats must be removed via rat trapping, but they must be sealed out of the building entirely for the job to be complete with full success rate. We deal with all rodents, including mice. If you have a mouse problem, such as mice in the attic, and need to get rid of mice, we can provide that service as well. We are experts at Orlando mouse control, where the same rat trapping and exclusion principles apply.

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