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Orlando may be the home of Mickey Mouse, but it's not commonly the home of the house mouse. More than 90% of the cases of "mice" here in Orlando are actually Roof Rats. They look very similar to mice, only larger. However, these rodents rarely live more than a year, and they breed like crazy, so there's actually more juvenile rats than adults, and the young and baby rats look really similar to mice. Also, many people seem to think of rats as dirtier or more shameful or scary than mice, so they use the word mouse as a euphemism. Regardless, mice do exist here in Orlando, and whether you've got a rat or a mouse, the method of solution is still the same.

The only way to solve the mouse problem involves blocking their entry points. You won't solve anything if you just keep killing mice with traps, and poison is a really bad idea for mouse control. Poison will result in dead mouse carcasses in your attic or walls, and it smells terrible! If you want to completely control mice, the only way to do it is completely "mouse-proof" the house. That is, identify and repair any openings that mice can use to enter the building. Once all of the points of entry are sealed shut, problem solved. Our Orlando pest control company specializes in finding and sealing open holes in homes and buildings. Once we get the whole place closed off, we trap and remove remaining mice inside, clean the attic, and the job is complete.

Like I said, there's very few cases of mouse problems in Orlando, but I do recall a couple of times, in years past, that Apopka had a mouse issue. The great Apopka mouse infestations of 1992 & 2006 were years to remember. But those days are gone now, thanks to 24/7 Wildlife and 24/7 Wildlife alone. Not the natural cycle of nature that causes rodent populations to surge and fall. Okay, we didn't solve the entire mouse problem, but we did solve it permanently, for many houses, who will never get mice or rats or any other animal in again.

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How To Exterminate Mice From Inside The Attic Of My House - Finding mice in your home can be more than an inconvenience, it can also be a danger to your health. Feces can get into your food not to mention the disease that can be transmitter to you and your family pets. Knowing that you have them in the attic can make things even worst because it is not the easiest place to get the mice. The attic is dark and in some cases there is a lot of clutter that allows the mice to hide. There are however some solutions to get them if you are looking to learn how to exterminate mice from inside the attic of my house. The first thing that you should try is the use of mouse traps. No matter what type of mouse trap you use, you should not use poison as bait unless the trap will keep the mouse in that spot. If it is an open trap then the mouse may get to the poison without being trapped, and if it dies in the attic your home will not smell good for a few days. You can use glue traps, or live traps because they will be the ones that keep the mice in place. Glue traps are not recommended for those that can have issues holding the trap with a mouse on it.

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