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Will Bat Repellent Keep Out Bats?

No. There is no such thing as an effective bat repellent. There is no such thing as a working bat deterrent device. There's no magic bat spray or bat powder of bat poison or any substance or machine or device that will get rid of bats and keep them out of the attic or home. Period. There's a lot of gimmicks out there, and there's a sucker born every minute, but there's simply no repellant that will keep away bats.

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Did magic bat repellent spray keep this bat out of the attic?

A bat flat on it's back because of a bat deterrent device?

Is this bat grumpy because a bat repellant powder kept it away?

Is a high-pitched sound machine making this bat yell out in fright?

People want a cheap and easy fix to their problems. In fact, if I use the term cheap bat repellent or free bat removal or cheap bat control on this page, I bet some web searchers will find it. Alas, I'm here to tell you, having seen hundreds of cases of bat infestation in my life, and dozens of attempts at bat-away powders, bat-b-gone sprays, and bats-b-ware soundmakers, that none of these work in the slightest. I once went to a hotel that bought fifteen high-pitch sound machines because they heard that it'd scare away bats, but of course it did nothing. I once went into an attic full of mothballs - it was noxious, and the bats did not care, and they did not leave.

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The only way to solve a bat problem is to professionally remove the bats, not kill any, and seal up all of their entry holes once they are out. It's often complex work, and it's best done by a professional with a lot of bat experience. Bat control is not for amateurs, and it's not for homeowners to attempt themselves. So if you're looking for a cheap and easy way to scare bats out of the attic, or to put a bat repellent in your house to keep them away, please be aware that it won't work. You will have to solve the problem correctly at some point, and it's best to call a pro and get the job done right.

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24/7 Wildlife is a professional wildlife and get rid of bats company located in Orlando, FL. We provide Orlando bat removal and bat control for the entire state of Florida. We are the leading experts in Florida at solving conflicts between people and wild animals, and we specialize in bats and the removal of bats in the attic. We do not kill problem bats, nor do we use bat traps, or bat repellent, none of which are legal nor work. We are fully licensed and insured, and dedicated to the highest quality of work. We guarantee all of our services, and not only do we get rid of bats in the attic or your home or business, but we make sure to repair any damage that they cause, clean up the biohazardous waste that they leave behind, and seal all entry points so that no bats can ever enter your house again. If you need Florida Bat Control or bat pest control anywhere in the state of Florida, including Tampa Bat Control or the wildlife trappers of Detroit Wildlife Removal for pros in those areas. Or give us a call here n Florida any time for more info.

Bat Repellants - Bats are the mammals that you see a lot of in those vampire horror movies that have you sitting on the edge of your seat in fear. However, in the real world bats are actually beneficial in taking a large number of mosquitoes and bugs off of our hands in the summertime. Yet, because they can carry a variety of diseases that can be spread to humans and their pets, they’re certainly not suitable roommates that you’d want to share your home with. Once they get into your home, they can be pretty difficult to get out because they choose places that are hard to get to for their roosting. Besides, you’ll probably be dealing with more than just one bat.

Over the years, people have found that ammonia has been more than effective in repelling bats but also effective in removing them as well by filling up jars of ammonia and placing them in the corners of the attic or room where the bats spend their time. It is not recommended that you use such a repellant because it is toxic and can harm the bats and others entering the room. As the vapor is released into the air, a bat may just go to another area rather than leaving your home completely. There is no guarantee that they’ll take up residence somewhere else. The ammonia has to continuously be refilled as it is released into the air making it a temporary solution that can become costly over time.

High Frequency Repellants
High frequency repellants are popular to use in deterring bats from your home. They let off a high pitched noise that only the bats can hear which makes them fly the other way. These high frequency devices are not only used to repel bats but other pesky animals that might see your home as a nice place to live as well. You can place one of these devices in your attic, basement and other rooms where bats may invade; however, if you already have bats in your home, there’s a good chance that they’ll become immune to the sound and ignore your eviction attempt.

Bright Lights
Commercial buildings and attics are places where you might expect to see bats the most. If you’ve located the entry points where bats may be getting into your home, then you can set up lights in your attic or building that point directly to those entry areas. This will keep the bats from even making an attempt to enter. This could work; however, insects are attracted to light and when they come, guess what will happen? The bats will be right behind them. However, this might work in an attic if you put light bulbs in each corner of the attic to keep it laminated. Bats hate lights so they won’t even think about entering. Still, all of this lighting can cause some pretty expensive electric bills

Bats are not fond of fiberglass because it irritates their skin; so many people insulate their attic ceilings with it. This has proven to be effective in many situations; however, installing fiberglass insulation can be very expensive, time consuming and very difficult to do yourself. Not to mention, there is nothing written in black and white that says this will eliminate them for good. Is a temporary solution such as fiberglass insulation really worth spending all of your life savings?

Naphthalene Crystals
The only registered pesticide used for repelling bats is naphthalene crystals or flakes. This pesticide is used when building needs to be bat proofed but there are bats already inside that need to be forced out. About 3 pounds of these crystal or flakes can be spread all over the attic floor or in empty spaces to repel these bats. It is very effective in air spaces that are confined. These crystals may disappear in a few weeks and the bats are sure to return, which means that this is only a temporary solution. Another drawback of using these flakes and crystals is that children and small pets can get a hold of them. As a result, they may get sick or even die. Repellants can keep bats away from your home, but not for good!

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