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Educational Page About Getting Rid of Bats in Florida and Elsewhere

How To Get Rid of Bats

A lot of people with bat problems want to know how to get rid of bats in the home or attic. First of all, it's important to know that the type of situation can vary. From a small group of bats in a small home to a huge colony of thousands of bats in a large building, the situation can vary quite a bit. Regardless of size, it's not an easy task, and it requires a lot of unique training and knowledge about bat behavior. Below are some examples of bat removal jobs that I've done:

Bat removal at a Sarasota resort.

Bat control at a church in Miami, FL

Bat project at a hotel in Tampa, FL.

Removing bats in Jacksonville, FL.

We specialize in professional bat removal and bat colony control for commercial buildings in the state of Florida. We service apartment complexes, condominiums, hotels, warehouses, churches, stadiums, and pretty much any structure that houses bats. We operate across the entire state of Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Sarasota, Tampa, Palm Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, and more. We pride ourselves on our bat expertise, and offer a full warranty on our work.

Bat control is often a complex task, and it requires a great deal of training in order to perform correctly. Some projects are very involved and challenging. There's legal matters to keep in mind when dealing with bats, and your regular exterminator or pest control company should not attempt bat control. Any attempt to poison bats, for example, is illegal, and it wouldn't work. Experience counts a great deal on difficult bat jobs, and inexperienced companies will not get the job done correctly. Get it done right, and legally, the first time. Call me any time to discuss your bat problem and to schedule an inspection and proposal submission.

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How to Get Rid of Bats?
Bats are nocturnal mammals that spend their nights flying around looking for their food. They usually live in groups and as they multiply and feel secure in their environment, they could easily double and triple in number and you could end up with thousands of bats in your attic. Because they are active throughout the night the sounds of their flying and crawling around on the wood and beams can be heard easily and can be quite annoying. Their droppings and urine can damage the wooden areas. They also chew away the corners of buildings and may leave marks on the walls caused by the rubbing of their wings against the surface. They are also known to cause some serious diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis. If you have a bat infestation, there are a few things you can do to help get rid of the bat problem; get rid of food sources, seal off entry points and use repellants.

Cut off the Food Supply
If you have ‘bats in your belfry’ one of the best ways to get the critters to vacate is to take away their food supply. However, this may not be as easy as it seems because first you need to discover what type of bat species is living in your home. Different species are attracted to different types of foods. Some may eat only nectar, pollen and fruits while others may enjoy insects, frogs, fish, rodents, birds and even blood. If you have a lot of fruit trees around your property, this may be attracting them to your home. While obviously you can’t go around cutting down all of your trees, you can make sure that fruit that has fallen off of the trees are picked up daily and all garbage and waste disposed of in tightly sealed containers.

Seal the Entry Points
Bats like quiet, dark and enclosed areas where they can relax and at the same time stay protected from predators. This makes certain areas in your home such as attics, storage sheds, barns, chimneys, louvers, soffits, siding and eaves a great place for them to live and grow. They use the place to digest the food they had eaten during the night, to hibernate through the cold winter and also to raise their babies. The best possible way to get rid of bats is to seal off every possible opening from which they can enter the house.

The best way to remove the bats is to force them out of the house and not let them back in. However, you need to be careful while doing this and must ensure that there are no baby bats in the house. Babies left alone will perish and not only will this present a bad aroma for your home, it is also inhumane and may be illegal in your state.

First of all you need to carefully observe and find out all the entry and exit points used by the bats. The best way to do this is to observe their habits for at least a week. They usually move out during the evening so be prepared to spend evenings looking for flying bats leaving your area.

After you have noted the entry and/or exit points, put special one-way devices on them which would allow the bats to move out but they would not be able to come back in. Once they return back in the morning, they would not be move in and would be forced to move to the nearest and safest location. A good idea would be to have a ‘bat house’ nearby where they can enter and feel secure. A bat house can be a trap/cage; however, there are other products on the market that will likely serve better. Once the bats are out of your house and are using the ‘bat house’, it’s time to seal up all of the entry/exits of your home that they used.

You can take the bat house and release the bats at a distance enough that they will not return, yet to a place where they will also have an opportunity to survive. However, before releasing them, ensure that you are not breaking any kind of law. If you are not sure, it is better to call an expert who would know the details.

Using Repellents
They don't work. Moth balls are the most widely used repellents and have shown some horrible results in terms of health. These are toxic in nature and are believed that they can cause cancer. Too much use can cause serious health concerns to humans and pets. There are a number of other repellents that can be used including cotton balls soaked in ammonia, garlic, bright light, loud sounds and ultra-sonic devices. However, studies reveal that these are generally ineffective in taking care of the bats.

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24/7 Wildlife is a professional wildlife and bat control company located in Orlando, FL. We provide Orlando bat removal and bat control for the entire state of Florida. We are the leading experts in Florida at solving conflicts between people and wild animals, and we specialize in bats and the removal of bats in the attic. We do not kill problem bats, nor do we use bat traps, or bat repellent, none of which are legal nor work. We are fully licensed and insured, and dedicated to the highest quality of work. We guarantee all of our services, and not only do we get rid of bats in the attic or your home or business, but we make sure to repair any damage that they cause, clean up the biohazardous waste that they leave behind, and seal all entry points so that no bats can ever enter your house again. If you need Florida Bat Control or bat pest control anywhere in the state of Florida, give us a call any time for more info.

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