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How to Get Rid of Bats in the Attic or Roof

Bat control is not a field for amateurs. This photo series is not meant as an instructional guide. It omits many important details. This is just a general photo description of one type of job involving bats in an attic. Bat work is extremely detail oriented, and should only be carried out by a licensed professional, one who has a great deal of experience working with bats. There are many companies that try to do bat work, and ultimately do an inferior, ineffective job, and they employ illegal methods or even use illegal products. Experience is vital when it comes to bat control work, and to avoid breaking wildlife control laws, please only hire a qualified and very experienced bat control company to do the work.

In this particular case, hundreds of free-tailed bats were living inside the attic and under the barrel tiles of this shopping plaza. The tenants were very concerned because of the swarms of bats in the area, which were keeping customers at bay. Furthermore, the smell was becoming very unpleasant, and also posed a significant biohazard in a public place. I was called in to solve the problem.

One of the primary problems with bats is the droppings that they leave. In this case, they lined the sidewalk and got all over everything, including the cars parked in the lot.

From time to time, dead bats were found lying around the building. This may have been due to disease, crowding, or even home-grown and amateur bat control efforts. I'm not sure. Bats live a long time and should not be seen lying dead like this.

Bat droppings and urine leaked through the ceiling from the attic. This is not only unsightly, but a health hazard.

Up to six inches of bat guano lined the bottom of the attic, creating the strong odor and biohazard.

When it comes to barrel tile roofs, which have so many gaps, the entire roof must be addressed.

Here is an early photo when the bats started to trickle out.

It didn't take long until hundreds of bats began to emerge from under the tiles. No bats were injured or killed in the eviction process.

After the bats are evicted, the attic must be cleaned and decontaminated. The droppings should be completely vacuumed out, and none of the fungal spores should be discharged in a public space.

Here is a shot of just one of many 12 gallon tankfulls of guano.

The attic should be decontaminated for residue after all of the droppings are out. Most of this is done inside of the attic, but some of the external spots and tiles are dirty as well.

The fundamental challenge in bat control is ensuring that all of the
bats are safely excluded from the building and that none are able to
get back in. This is where the real expertise comes in.

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