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Why You Should Not Try To Kill Bats To Solve a Bat Problem

How To Solve a Bat Problem and Kill Bats

The point of this page is to help educate ignorant people with bat problems. Many people who have bats in the home or attic think they've got to kill the bats in order to solve the problem. This is incorrect - it's illegal, and it simply won't work. If you tried to kill bats, and succeeded in doing so, you'd not only have broken the law, you'd have created a bigger problem in your home or building - rotting bat carcasses. Plus, it's actually technically very difficult to kill the bats, and I've seen several ignorant attempts by untrained and unprofessional companies to do so, and they've failed. Even if you do kill the bats, if they vulnerability of the house remains, and the smell of old bats, new ones may eventually live there and you'll have a new problem all over again. 

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  Colonies of bats are very valuable, and should be protected. Did you know that each bat lives over ten years in the wild, and consumes more than a third of its weight in insects each night? If you kill a bat, that's a big deal - you're killing a unique and valuable creature. If you kill a whole group of bats, you've violated state laws regarding wanton destruction of wildlife, and may have killed some endangered bats in the process. Bats reproduce slowly - they only have one baby per year, and they take good care of it. If you kill bats, it's extremely harmful to the species. It takes a long time for bat populations to return. It's not like with rats - rats can give birth to 50 young per year, they're sexually mature in 3 months, and 95% die in less than one year. If you kill a rat or a mouse, it's no big deal - in fact, you might be helping the environment. However, this is not the case with bats. Please do not kill bats. To the left, you'll see a photo of a dead bat that I found outside. It was because of an attempt at bat control by an amateur company. They killed a few bats, but over 1000 remained alive. I came and solved the problem properly, with no harm to the remaining bats.

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Luckily, there's an easy and effective way to solve your bat pest problem without hurting any of the bats. In fact, it's by far the most effective and efficient way to solve a bat issue with a 100% guarantee of no problems and no more bats ever again - all you have to do is remove all of the bats from the home or building, and once they're all out, seal up the building so that they can never get back in. This means a permanent solution, unlike a regular pest control solution, which means constant quarterly treatments. A professional can solve the bat problem permanently, with guarantee, within days. Only a licensed and insured professional, with experience in bat control, should attempt a bat removal project. And a real pro would never exterminate the bats. 

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