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What if you are bitten by a bat

Bats are animals that can live in a variety of locations, including inside the attic of your home or in your shed. They are looking for a place where they can hang upside down in darkness during the day, and then get out at night to go and hunt for food. Your home they make the perfect location for them.

You may also find that something on your property can attract a bat to come there during the nighttime to search for food. If you have a pet or wild animals that make their way across your property at nighttime, then you may be attracting bats there as well. They need food and you may have it available to them.

While most of the time these animals will avoid human beings, there are times where they may turn on you and bite you. Because they are a wild animal you should be concerned, but because they are a bat you should be even more concerned. So, what do you do if you are bitten by a bat?

A little information is important here first. First of all, bats can be very dangerous to your health. They are the carriers of a large number of bacteria and viruses, as well as parasites. Any one of those pathogens getting into your body can lead to extreme illness, and even death. Bats are known to carry rabies, which if not treated right away is always fatal. It is important to understand that these animals are dangerous to you, and if bitten you are at serious risk.

However, before taking any action should you be bitten your first step is to make sure that you do not panic. Too many people get worked up right away, thus increasing their heartbeat and making their risk of becoming ill even worse.

Next, make sure that you get to a hospital or emergency clinic as quickly as possible. You need treatment right away and so taking the risk of waiting or procrastinating is putting your life at risk. If someone can drive you so as not to increase your aggravation while driving yourself, then you should do this. Keep calm and seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

If you are out in the wilderness area, like in a park or wildlife refuge, when you are bitten, then contact the Park Ranger as quickly as possible. Do not try to walk and locate the ranger station yourself. Instead, have them come to you.

Once again, an important factor to consider is that an increased heart rate can be a danger to you. By having the medical attention come to you, you decrease the risk that you face. If it is safe to sit down, then do so. Try to stay calm and wait for their arrival to give yourself the best chance of survival.

Getting medical attention is what is most important here, so do not delay and get help to you or go to help as quickly as you can. Read more: Bat Control

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