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Tampa Bat Control & Removal

We operate a professional bat control company in the Tampa Bay area, serving the entire bay area, including Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Brandon, Palm Harbor, and more. We actually perform bat work all over the state of Florida, but focus on our home area of Tampa. We service both residential homes and larger commercial buildings, such as apartments, condos, shopping malls, hotels, and more. We are the foremost experts on bat control in the state of Florida. Please call 813.404.7033 any time to discuss your bat problem. Below are some examples of our bat control work:

Bats flying out of a one-way device.

Bats in a barrel tile roof.

Bat exclusion from an office.

Bat removal at a private house.

There are two common bat species in the bay area. The most common is the Mexcian, or Brazilian, Free-Tail bat. These bats get their name from the tail protruding from the hind wing membrane. They can form colonies of several thousand members. Our company once removed over 5000 of these bats from a large condominium complex in Saint Petersburg. The bats cannot be excluded from late May to early August, because this is when the flightless baby bats live inside. The only way to exclude a bat colony properly is to install one-way removal devices that will allow the bats to fly out, but not back in. If the baby bats inside can't fly, the exclusion can't be done. It's the state law, so be sure to hire a bat company that complies. The other major bat species in the area is the Evening Bat.

We remove the entire colony, and seal every last possible bat opening shut, in order to completely bat-proof your building, and ensure that no more bats ever gain access. We give a guarantee on our work, and we have a 100% success rate. This line of work is very detail-oriented, and patience and experience count a great deal in getting the job done correctly.

After the bats are out, we then clean up the mess they've left behind. Bats usually leave a very large amount of urine and droppings (guano) behind in an attic or building, and this waste not only smells, but it can cause a health risk due to the fungus that grows on the droppings. We remove all of the waste and fog the attic and wall voids to kill all bacteria and fungus.

24/7 Wildlife is a professional wildlife removal company located in Tampa Bay, FL. We are the leading experts in central Florida at solving conflicts between people and wild animals like bats. We are fully licensed and insured, and dedicated to the highest quality of work. We guarantee all of our services, and not only do we remove the problem wildlife and bats from your home or business, but we make sure to repair any damage that they cause, clean up the biohazardous waste that they leave behind, and seal all entry points so that no animals can ever enter your house again. We make sure to get rid of bats in the attic. Give us a call for more info about out Clearwater bat control or Saint Petersburg bat removal services in the Tampa Bay area.

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