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Dead Opossums in the Wall

The homeowners were dealing with a terrible stench, and could take it no longer. I searched and sniffed, looking for the source, which I found in a closet. I confirmed the location of the animals from the attic, looking down a narrow wall. The angle and situation made removal by snare pole impossible, so I removed the closet shelves, cut a hole in the wall, and found the dead mother opossum and two babies. I removed them all, disinfected, deodorized, and decontaminated the area, and sealed the hole shut.

This is not work for amateurs. In fact, it's hardly work for most pros. Only the super experts in dead animal removal can find the exact correct spot in the wall where the dead animal is and get it right with the first cut. It's harder than you think - the whole house stinks, and it's difficult to narrow down. An exploration of the attic, while looking down the walls certainly helps in finding the right spot. If you have a terrible odor in your home, there's a good chance that it's a rotting animal, like our friend the opossum. Get a real expert to come to your house and solve the problem, or you will deal with a horrid stench for many weeks or even months!

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