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How to Kill Armadillos With Poison

Shame on you, for wanting to poison and kill armadillos! I'm not exactly an environmentalist or animal-rights activist or anything, but there's never any reason to poison or kill armadillos. If you don't want them around, it's a simple matter to trap and remove them from the area. In fact, there's no such thing as an armadillo poison. Armadillos only eat food that they dig out of the ground, such as earthworms and grubs. They won't eat any food on the surface.

There are no legal or effective armadillo poisons available. Armadillos dig for their food, usually earthworms or grubs. They won't eat any foods on the surface of the ground, and therefore even if there were a legal poison, they would never eat it.

If you simply want to kill armadillos, not necessarily by poison, but perhaps via gun, because you are an armadillo hunter, or by lethal trap, such as a body-grip connibear style trap, I suppose you could do so if it's legal in your area. However, if you just don't want them on your property, the easiest and most effective manner of solving the problem is to trap and remove them in live cage traps. It's much much easier than resorting to lethal methods. If you want a professional to take care of the armadillo problem for you, just click the below link to find a trapper in your area. I personally operate in Orlando, FL and I don't use lethal means to control wildlife, and I never, ever use poison!

Armadillo Poisoning - There are many people who will have a natural instinct to want to use poison when they find they have an animal problem, but this is an approach that will often cause more problems than it solves. One of the first challenges is actually getting the armadillos to ingest the poison, as they will usually only eat earthworms and other live insects, although they can eat spoiled meat or fruit from time to time. Another problem that happens when people try to poison an armadillo is that it is difficult to target the animal, as the food used to conceal the poison is just as likely to attract other pest animals or even domestic pets. Many people will also dislike poison because it is a particularly cruel and inefficient way to kill the armadillo, and they will often suffer a lot of trauma while the poison does its work. The other problem for people who poison an armadillo is that it is difficult to predict where the armadillo will hide to die, and the carcass can often be very smelly as it rots. The best approach to dealing with an armadillo problem is to trap and remove the animal, and poisoning is a route that should certainly be avoided.

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Sick Armadillo Symptoms - Armadillos arenít animals that are particularly susceptible to specific diseases, but they can often be hit by an infection or a disease much like any other animal. One of the first signs that can suggest an armadillo is sick or injured is that it is visible and active during the daytime, and doesnít show any fear when it encounters people or other animals. Many such armadillos will also be showing signs of being disorientated and may be unpredictable, and it is also known that the musky scent of armadillos can become stronger when it feels hurt or threatened. If you do find an armadillo that appears to be injured or sick, then it is certainly worth notifying your local animal warden or the relevant department that would deal with such a problem. The majority of diseases that do affect armadillos arenít particularly dangerous to humans, but it is still worth taking precautions if you do decide to move or handle the animal. It is best to ensure that you keep any domestic pets and children away from the armadillo if it is in your yard or garden, and it is worth wearing thick gloves and clothing if you do have to handle the animal.

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