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How To Catch an Armadillo

The only real way to catch an armadillo is to set a trap and capture it in the trap. The animal must then be relocated at least a few miles from the site of capture, or humanely euthanized, as laws dictate.

BEFORE: Here we see an armadillo digging in a lawn and tearing up everything.

AFTER: Here's the armadillo, caught in a cage trap, about to be relocated.

How to Catch Armadillos - Armadillos are funny looking creatures that roam the south parts of the United States in search for food. Armadillos resemble anteaters, but they have a thick scaly outer shield that they use to defend against predators. While armadillos do not have many predators, humans remain their largest competition and are often seen lying dead on the side of the road. Armadillos are not mistaken for any other animal, but in case you do not know what they look like armadillos are usually the size of a large house cat and range in colors from brown to gray. They have small heads with beady eyes and a long scaly tail. They can live pretty much anywhere where there is food available to them and adequate shelter.

Usually these critters do not hurt or bother anyone and are actually great in keeping the insect population down to a minimum. However, not everyone will agree that armadillos are harmless and cute creatures that they welcome into their backyards. On the contrary, many people consider armadillos pests because they can do amazing amounts of damage to your yard and your home. Armadillos eat insects and worms so they have to dig to get to their next meal. Where are they going to dig to get this tasty treat? They will dig holes all over your garden, your lawn and even under your house. If you have an infestation of armadillos you are going to see large holes littering your lawn, your garden will be tore up and there will be considerable amounts of holes under your porches and house. These holes under your house are especially dangerous because they can damage your plumbing, electrical wiring and can even affect your foundation.

There are many options available to you if you have an armadillo problem. The primary way that you can keep armadillos out of your yard is to build a fence that surrounds your yard, your garden or your house. However, make sure that this fence goes well below a half a foot into the ground otherwise they will burrow underneath it. Another thing that you can do to this fence is to put things that armadillos do not like around the fenced area. Armadillos have strong senses of smell and do not like the scent of moth balls, pine needles or pine mulch. This is definitely one of the most expensive ways to deter armadillos from invading your yard but it really works.

Trapping is also another way that you can rid your house or your yard of armadillos, but this method takes time and patience. There are many different brands of live traps that you can use in your yard that can be picked up at any hardware store or in some pet stores. You can also use a trap door if you can find the entrance to the armadillo’s burrow. A trap door allows the animal to leave, but not come back in as it is locked on the outside but not on the inside. After you have trapped the critter you should relocate it and fill in the holes/entrances to the burrow will loose dirt and mothballs to discourage them from coming back.

There are some other methods that are available, but they are not as effective as a strong fence, scent deterrent and trapping. There are ultrasonic sound emitters that will deter the critter, but can also annoy your family pets so it is not an option for everyone. If you do not have the money to build a fence you can pepper your entire yard which sounds extreme but it will discourage them from coming around. Hopefully these simple tips will help you get rid of your armadillos in a safe and effective way that deters them from ever coming back.

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How To Catch A Armadillo Under The Shed - Armadillos are creatures that will usually prefer to stay away from areas of human activity where possible, but in some situations they will see the space under a shed as an attractive place to nest. This will normally happen where the shed has some sort of natural cavity underneath the structure, which helps to reduce the amount of burrowing that the armadillo will have to do. It is usually fairly obvious if an animal has taken up residence under a shed, as there will be signs of activity often including scratching marks and small mounds of dirt that have been burrowed out. Catching the armadillo is normally fairly straightforward, and is achieved using a sturdy cage trap that is large enough to hold such an animal. If there is only one entry or exit point that is apparent then placing the trap over this exit should catch the armadillo when it leaves, and this should be placed during the day before dusk when they become active. If there is a cavity that can be accessed from multiple exit points, then covering all but one of these with wire mesh before placing the trap will help to ensure you catch the armadillo.

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