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How To Keep Away Armadillos

Armadillos are one of the animals that people most frequently require pest control for. This is because armadillos are such prodigious diggers. They dig for all of their food, and they eat a lot. Thus, they can really tear up your lawn in just one night of digging for food. In addition to that, they live in burrows under the ground. These burrows are usually about nine inches in diameter, and can go up to 20 feet deep. People don't want such burrows next to their home or under any sort of structure, because the supporting earth underneath is important.

This is a photo of an armadillo trapped in a humane live cage. Armadillos are easy for a wildlife pest control professional to trap and relocate.

There are many pest control companies who can solve your armadillo problem - and plenty more that won't. You don't want a bug-spraying company, you want a professional wildlife control operator. Most armadillo problems occur in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. If you live in the Orlando area, you can give me a call, but if you live elsewhere, such as Miami, FL or Houston TX or somewhere like that, click the banner below to find a trapper in your area.

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Keep Armadillos Under A Deck Away - One of the common places where people can suffer from an armadillo problem in a domestic property is in the cavity that is to be found underneath a deck. This cavity will be attractive to an armadillo as a makeshift burrow because it will offer plenty of shelter and a dark covered area where they can spend the daylight hours. Because they are nocturnal they will often be more likely to be spotted at night, or people will first see signs of armadillo activity rather than discovering the animals themselves. Once you have discovered that you actually have an armadillo living under your deck then the first step will be to seal off the majority of the entry points to the cavity under the deck with wire mesh. You should ensure that space large enough for an armadillo to get in and out should be left, and this is where the trap that you will use to catch the armadillo should be placed. After catching the pest armadillo then it should be removed to a location at least five miles away from your property and preferably in a rural area away from other properties. Once this is done then you can seal the remaining entry point to the cavity.

Armadillo Repellant - A natural reaction of many people who find out that they have an armadillo in their yard or garden is to purchase an armadillo repellent product, but this isnít always the wisest course of action. The way that the majority of effective animal repellent products work is by making the area smell like the natural predators of the target animal, but armadillos in North America have very few natural predators. This means that the repellent products will rarely be successful, although this is not to say that armadillos are a pest animal that will have to be tolerated. If you have an armadillo that has found or dug a burrow within your yard or garden, then the best method to keep away armadillos is to trap the armadillo and then to release it some distance from your property. It is best to avoid using poison to try and kill the animal because it is a particularly painful way for the animal to die, and the carcass can also cause a smell nuisance as it will usually hide before it dies. For those who find an armadillo is coming into their garden, then installing an exclusion fence is a great way to permanently solve the armadillo problem.

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