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What can rodents climb?

Most of us are quite familiar with rodents. We see them scurrying around our yard, digging at our garbage can, or gaining access to other areas of our property where we would prefer or they would simply stay away. These are truly pesky little critters that we wish would not gain access into our home.

They are quite resilient though. Millions of people every year spend a large amount of money on poisons, traps, repellents, and other products looking to keep these rodents as far away from their home as they possibly can. They understand the potential health risks that these animals pose, as well as the damage that they can cause, and simply want them to go away.

The sad part is that all of these devices that people use to help them in this endeavor, can be thwarted by the fact that some rodents are able to climb. Because of their ability to get up trees or work their way across wires, they are able to avoid the pitfalls that you have set for them, creating a situation where all of your money has virtually gone to waste. This may make you wonder what kinds of things can rodents climb?

The answer to that is that it really depends upon the rodent. If you are talking about a rat or mouse, then the answer is nothing. These animals do not climate all. If they are as tall standing on their back legs as the object that they are trying to get over, then there is a chance that they can scoot themselves over that object. However, they aren’t scaling your stairs or working themselves up a tree. That simply doesn’t happen.

However, the squirrel or possum has the capability of climbing up objects like trees or polls, because their paws are specifically designed for that. If you look at squirrels and possums they spend an inordinate amount of time in trees. Both of them are capable of building nests in there and will frequently sleep in trees.

What this tells you is that if there is an additional means for these kinds of rodents to work their way across your property using the fencing or a set of trees, then your repellents and traps that you left along the ground may be of no use to you would all. They are able to work themselves across your yard bypassing all of the defenses that you have put up, meaning that you were going to have to look for another way to keep them away if that is your choosing.

Not every rodent can climb. It’s really a matter of what kind of rodent that you were talking about that will help you to understand the answer to this question. Just be aware that there are a few out there, including the squirrel and the possum, that are capable of climbing up objects like trees, boards, and fences. If you are looking to keep them away then you need to adjust accordingly. Read more: Rat Control, Get Rats Out of the Attic, Rat Trapping, Rats in the Ceiling, Rat Feces.

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