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What to do about a trap-shy rodent

If you have an animal in your house like a raccoon, possum, or squirrel, you want to do all that you can to remove them out as quickly as possible. Some have become quite adept at handling this problem because they frequently find that rodents have found their way into their home, and so they have become miniature experts at being able to capture these animals and get them out. It’s not something that anyone wants to become an expert in, but if you are able to handle the problem on your own then you should do so.

This is why so many turn to attempting to capture these animals on their own. They could hire some professional to come out and do the job but that can be quite expensive, and if you find a good trap then why hire them?

These traps are specifically designed to capture the kind of animal that you are looking for. There are specific traps for various kinds of rodents, including rats, mice, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and possums, among others. Whichever is the kind of rodent that you are looking to capture, you can be sure that there is a great commercial trap out there to assist you in resolving this problem.

So, you going purchase one, set it up, put a good bait on it and simply wait. After a day or two you realize that the rodent is coming near your trap, but simply won’t enter into it. So, what do you do about a trap shy rodent?

This is an interesting question because it really requires to keys for you to be successful. The first problem you may be facing is that the bait that you are using is simply not enticing enough. You want to make sure you are using something that the rodent simply cannot resist. This requires one essential thing for success - a strong smell.

Whatever it is that you were offering as the bait needs to be something that will attract the enhanced olfactory sense of the rodent so that they will be compelled to go for it. This is why cheese is often one of the best options. As it sits out for an extended period of time the odor becomes stronger. That may be unappealing to you, but it is quite attractive to the rodent. This can give you that little extra nudge to get them to go for your bait.

In addition, you have to ensure that there are no other options available for them to get food. Your cheese may be a great option, but if they can get all kinds of other things on your counter or near your trashcan then they will go for that. This means you need to do a lot of cleanup to keep these pests away from other locations and heading for your trap. To accomplish this, make sure that all of your food is sealed, throw away things into the trashcan and secure the lid, and clean countertops and floors regularly. This will help you to entice that rodent toward your trap. Read more: Rat Control, Get Rats Out of the Attic, Rat Trapping, Rats in the Ceiling, Rat Feces.

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