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What are the types of rodent snap traps?

Each year, people all over America purchase snap traps to be able to try to catch different kinds of rodents that have gotten into their house or that live on the property around them. They want to get rid of these animals and realize that the best option available to them is to choose a permanent one. One that ensures that these animals will not be returning to their home again.

The snap trap is an option that has been used by people for a century, primarily because of the easily manner in which it is to set up and how effective it is at resolving a person’s issue with rodents. This has been used to catch mice and rats for a hundred years, and has been quite effective at helping to terminate the life of a rodent in one powerful stroke.

Today, the snap trap has advanced from the early days. While there still are the wood options with the metal bar, there are also additional options out there that you can employ that will do the job for you. They also offer different snap traps for different kinds of rodents, even ones that are significantly bigger than a rat or mouse. Here are the different kinds that are available to you.

Standard Snap Trap - this is the standard looking trap that most of us are used to. A metal bar is attached to a coil that is hooked to a mechanism that holds debate on it. When the rat or other rodent removes the bait, it unleashes the bar, which comes down and crushes the rodent. These traps have increased in size by manufacturers, allowing you to not only use them on mice and rats, but also on other smaller sized rodents like squirrels.

Plastic Jaws - a new kind of snap trap that reached the market over the last couple of decades is the plastic jaw type. In this kind of snap trap, when the mechanism is pressed by the animal releasing the trap locking mechanism, the jaw that comes forward to crush the animal is not just a standard bar. Instead, it is designed with a tooth like structure made out of plastic that crushes down on the animal, puncturing through its skin and terminating the animal’s life.

Without a doubt this is a highly effective means of terminating a rodent. There are even larger size options that can be used with animals such as possums and gophers.

What you should also be aware about these kinds of traps are that they can be quite gruesome as well. The fact that they are puncturing through the skin means that you were going to have blood spatter as well as other matter that is going to come from the animal when it is terminated. Highly effective for sure, but also something that is going to require a lot of cleanup on your part. You may not like that aspect of it even if this is a very effective means of termination. Read more: Rat Control, Get Rats Out of the Attic, Rat Trapping, Rats in the Ceiling, Rat Feces.

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