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Are rats dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

Rats are one of the most commonly found rodents anywhere on the planet. As mankind has spread his influence across the globe, rats have tagged along and have formed their own colonies in societies wherever human beings have done so. Traveling either by ship, airplane, or other modes of transportation, rats have quickly populated and thrived in every environment on the globe. If man is there then you can guarantee that rats are as well.

What this means is that it is quite likely that a rat, or many rats, are living in or around your home. You may have taken the special precautions to try to keep these rodents out, but they can live just about anywhere, including in your shed, sewer system, or basement of your home. They are literally everywhere!

While we think of rats as very small creatures that really aren’t that dangerous in many ways, the fact is that there are some aspects of these rodents that should concern you, especially when you are talking about the members of your family who were not human. You need to know that rats can be dangerous to your cat, dog, or other pet.

It is rarely that they pose a risk in terms of physical aggression. A rat may defend itself should your cat or dog come across it, but they simply don’t have the physical power to be able to do much harm to your dog or cat. If there is any kind of injury that they are able to cause, it is usually by biting your pet, which can cause an injury. You shouldn’t have the idea that they cannot harm your pet, just that it is not extremely common.

These are still wild animals. That means that if they feel endangered than they are going to strike. If your cat or dog has cornered a rat in your home or somewhere outside, then the rodent may try to fight back. This can mean that it can cause an injury through a bite mark that it leaves in your pet.

While this normally wouldn’t be much of a concern, where you do need to be worried is in the fact that rats are the carriers of many different kinds of diseases. They spread these through their fluids, which includes the saliva when they bite your dog or cat. This can mean that viruses and bacteria can be contracted by your dog or cat through a bite mark from the rat.

You also have to worry about such things as fleas that may live on the rat. Over the centuries mankind has had several different legs that had been caused by fleas living on rats. These can get on your dog or cat as well, and spread a virus or bacteria.

Just as dangerous as the saliva is to your pet, so is the rat feces and urine. If your pet steps in these it is not uncommon for a parasite to burrow its way into your pet’s skin creating all kinds of health issues. Read more: Rat Control, Get Rats Out of the Attic, Rat Trapping, Rats in the Ceiling, Rat Feces.

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