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What animals do rats kill?

Rats are known to be a great vermin, chewing and gnawing at almost everything and anything they can come across on their way. It is indicated that rat teeth grow an average of 4.5 to 5.5 inches every year, a very high rate indeed. The rats on the other hand wear down these tools of their dentition by using the continuously, chewing at almost everything including plastic, wooden materials, grains, cereals, even concrete! Mark you rats have one of the most diverse diets in the world and while they will eat almost anything they have to ensure they are full, granted choices they will really go for certain things more than they will do the rest. From grains to meats, rats are known to also attack and kill some other animals for their meal, but what animals exactly meat with the axe of these fellows? Here are some examples

  • Mice – On the Top of the list comes their close cousins, mice. Rats are known to kill and prey on mice when they are under starvation, a process names as Muridice. Thought to be a stereotypic pattern that is also influenced by neurotransmitters in the brain of the rats, this predator relationship is so hardwired between mice and rats that the mice will automatically experience higher levels of stress in the presence of rats. And when time comes for them to make a kill, the rats have a specialized way they chase down the mice until they are exhausted, and then use their front teeth to pounce on their victims with the target of immobilizing and killing them. Once dead, the rats proceed to eat their meal, usually starting with the brain or the place they have made the wound.
  • Water creatures – some of the water creatures, especially the small ones, are not any safe in the presence of rats. Water rats are known to make a tasty delicacy out of a good number of the crustaceans that make their abode under water, including but not limited to shrimps, goldfish, freshwater fish and numerous other picks. Even for other animals that have their larvae and nymphs over water, water rats are known to enjoy lifting such resources to their nests and making a delicacy out of them. Given their smart swimming skills, they can easily hunt for dragonfly nymphs as well as larvae for different creatures before they devour on them.
  • Snails – these small moves will always fall victim to the hunger of rats. Snails provide an important delicacy for rats, given that they are protein laden and do not require a lot of work from the rats before they can get down to enjoy their loot.
  • Insects – rats do trap a number of insects for their meal, including cockroaches and other crawling and flying insects. Rats have a highly developed skill of jumping off whether vertically or horizontally to land their meal and will sit strategically before they launch their attacks to get the meal home.
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