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Humane rat traps

While most people do not want rats in or around their home, there is something kind of cute about the little critters. Many people have rats as their pets, so they see these animals as something to cherish. Again, they don’t want them in their home, unless they bought it from a pet store and had it in a cage, but they don’t want it killed either.

The use of poisons or mouse traps that kill the rodent are absolutely deplorable to many people. They cannot remotely envision killing a rat in this way, and take great offense about the idea. They are looking for a humane way to trap the rat and then be able to release it or take it some place where it can have a good chance at survival, just not at their home.

There are traps that you can get out there that will do nothing more than capture the animal. You can buy these at many home improvement or department stores. Using a bait, the rat walks into the tap where it is captured as the door closes behind it. You can then take the rat wherever you would like to set it free so it is not at your home.

There are also traps that work very much like flypaper. The rat steps on this and is trapped. Its feet are literally glued to the paper and it cannot get away. While the animal will not die, there are some issues with this. First off all, you have to work to free the animal, and some still consider this to be cruel. Secondly, some do not like the idea of having to get that close to the animal to cut it free. That is understandable.

One of the best ways to trap a rat to get rid of it is by not really trapping it at all. You can do a lot by leading the rat to a location that is outside your home. If you know that there is a small hole or crack in the siding of your home, you can place on one of these one-sided evacuation doors. They come in very small sizes and you attach them to the outside of the house.

You make it so that you have a tasty treat that is spread toward that door and just outside of it. When the rat goes outside, the door closes and acts only as a one-way entry. You do not trap the rat per se, but trap it from being able to get back into your home. The rat is, in essence, trapped out of your home, which is really what you wanted anyway.

If you have several rats in your home you may need to contact a professional to assist you in getting the animals out of your home. Read more: Rat Control, Get Rats Out of the Attic, Rat Trapping, Rats in the Ceiling, Rat Feces.

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