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Do rats destroy insulation in the attic?

Every home owner loves to live in a well modeled house, comfy and comfortable to his own satisfaction – but certain things are extremely important especially if you are living in extreme environments. One of these major adjustments to houses in places that experience extreme or adverse weather changes involves the attic insulation – which is intended to offer a good guard against large temperature fluctuations in hot or cold months. The attic insulation is especially important in helping to regulate temperature during extreme cold conditions and hot conditions – and it comes down to affect the heating bill – because without it, or compromise on its structural integrity will make the bill needed to regulate your home temperatures go through the roof.

However, as long as rodents like rats and mice continue to live close to humans; their infestation is a sure-fire way to cause damage to the structural integrity of any building that they choose to take up their residence. Over the ages rats have been known to live in close proximity to humans, more so sharing dwellings. Rats love to live in secluded areas that are less busy and less populated, but they also love to make their lives comfy to their liking, which perhaps explains why they love to take up positions on walls or in the attic.

Unfortunately, a rat infestation in any home has its own tragic consequences, more so if they are living up there in the attic. They want to have good nests where they can stay when it gets cold, and they go no further to search for their building materials other than descending on your attic insulation. Rats, like other rodents, love to keep their little mouths busy and they don’t mind using their sharp teeth to bite and chew through the attic, inflicting heavy irreparable damages on the attic. They then use the bits from this attic to make their nests comfy, as well as using the holes they have punched through the structure as part of their access points to the outside world.

But what happens when you have a sizable number of rats living up in your attic and wreaking havoc on your structure? The elimination process is not that easy, simple and straightforward, because rats can outsmarts numerous traps and continue to lay siege on your besieged attic. You will definitely have to enlist the services of a professional body to help you with the purge process – otherwise you risk engaging yourself in an endless rhetoric with these sneaky creatures. Worst of all, getting a rat of more dead and hanging up in the attic can stain your house atmosphere with a foul smell for several days, so you better be cautious when it comes to throwing them out your attic. Read more: Rat Control, Get Rats Out of the Attic, Rat Trapping, Rats in the Ceiling, Rat Feces.

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