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Will a rat chew through the ceiling?

Rats are notorious for creating problems in any person’s home. Not only do they get inside your food, but can dig their way through your insulation, electrical wiring, and furniture, creating a royal mess in your house.

The sad part about it is that often times rats will live in your home without you having any knowledge of them even being there. They find places in your basement or in your attic where they set up their little colony and scurry around the walls of your home looking for food during the hours when you were sleeping. In less you have exceptional hearing you would have no idea that they were even there.

While some may not really like the idea that rats would be in their home, they are less bothered by that fact knowing that the rats are in a location like the attic where they are unseen. This gives a barrier between you and these rodents, which almost adds in acceptability to them being in your home.

But what if they attempted to breach that barrier? Some wonder if rats will chew their way through the ceiling and into your home so that they can gain access to the main part of your house. It’s time to dispel those fears, because the answer to that is no.

It is clear that rats have rather sharp teeth. It’s one of the primary things that they use for defense and to enable them to be able to get through materials. Their teeth are extremely strong, and they spend a good portion of every day making them as sharp and tough as they can be. This is done, many times, by chewing on such things as electrical wiring, pieces of wood, or other objects that would give some additional strength to the rat’s teeth.

The important thing to understand about those materials is that they come with an edge to them that makes it so that the rat will have something to begin the gnawing process. A rat will start on the edge of a board or on the electrical wiring piece because it is easily accessible to it. That is not the case with your ceiling floor.

Here you have an entirely different story. Your ceiling is still made of a drywall kind of material that provides an additional shielding between the attic and the main part of the house. This is not a material that a rat would normally chew on, and so you have no concerns about this little rodent chewing its way into your home.

The only time you have a concern like this is when you are in your workplace and the ceiling is made out of individual tiles that are placed into the grid above you. These kinds of things a rat can easily chew through because there is the greater accessibility to get to an edge. That may not make you feel particularly comfortable at work, but unless there is an attic area above the office then you really have nothing to be worried about. Read more: Rat Control, Get Rats Out of the Attic, Rat Trapping, Rats in the Ceiling, Rat Feces.

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