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What attracts rats?

Rats, known for their sneaky nature and hole-hiding, are quite a dangerous breed of rodents when they invade your home or property. These rodents are a vermin in that they will eat almost anything and everything they come across on their way. But should they land in your home or property and have options, they definitely have good choice to land. Rats aren’t a stupid bunch of rodents either, and whenever they get in the store or home and realize that they have more than one choice to do, they will obviously opt for the sugar rich foods including bread, meats, cakes, cereals and potatoes. This is with the simple logic that these foods provide maximum energy while posing little risk.

But effective pest control, more so in the case of intelligent looking rodents like rats, is not all about exterminating your enemy. It starts with knowing what attracts them to your premises and eliminating it – in a quest to make invasion by these creatures unattractive in the first place. So you have to start by knowing exactly what makes rats want to come to your home and if that is what you are looking for them here we go.

Food is a basic human want, but rats do not need such business knowledge to look for and inhabit places where they have an assurance of sleeping on full stomachs. Wastes, rubbish bins and other instances of food are a sure attraction to rats; they love a place where they can feast and make merry. If you are stashing meats and other food stuffs in your rubbish bin, compound or anywhere near the house then you surely calling them to swing into activity. Fallen fruits and uncollected ripe fruits in your garden are also a good place for them to start the long journey that ends up on your property or in your house.

Clustered living places are another express invitation card for the rats, for they love a place where they gain the sense of operating covertly. Warm dark corners and under passages where there is little noise and human interruption is a priority for the rats. They want to up a life of their own, undisturbed by what goes on elsewhere on the property or in the house. Unkempt lawns will therefore give express permission to these rodents while poorly lit areas of the house are the next logical stop for these creatures whenever they need to make a new stopover.

Finally, unsanitized past rodent habitats are another good deal to get in the rats. While they do love to explore, evidence that their friends and relatives may have lived here will encourage them that this is a habitable place to settle. Ensure you cleanse any such habits whenever you stumble across them! Read more: Rat Control, Get Rats Out of the Attic, Rat Trapping, Rats in the Ceiling, Rat Feces.

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