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What does squirrel feces look like? Where is it found?

Most people don’t really think of squirrels as a problem but they can take over an area by the number in their population and they can also gain access into your home, setting up residence in your attic. While you may found the squirrel quite cute and quaint when it is roaming around your yard, you probably don’t like the idea of it setting up residence in your attic or in the walls.

The problem is that often times people don’t have the slightest idea that one of these rodents has gotten into their home and is living there. They don’t know the sure signs that indicate that the squirrel has gotten into the home.

One of the most important is when a person sees squirrel poop. This should tell you that this rodent has entered into your home but the reason that this does not indicate this to most people is because they have no idea what squirrel feces actually looks like. This is why a little education is in order.

The important first step is to be able to identify that it is feces and then to determine that it is not the feces of another animal. The droppings of a squirrel are cylindrical in shape, looking much like a sausage. They are segmented, meaning that when a squirrel drops them he or she does so in a row, so that you will find that one is dropped right after another.

They are usually about a half inch in length and area always dark in color, usually black.

They also can appear as brown or even red in some instances.

The problem with trying to identify that you have squirrel droppings and not some other kind of animal may seem daunting, but you can identify it without coming in direct contact or having to get too close to it.

The first sign that you are looking at squirrel droppings is that the smell is quite distinctive. It will have an order that is very much like that of a nut because this is one of the primary staples of their diet.

You will also notice that in a very short time it will begin to lighten in color. The feces of other animals may have a little discoloration over time, but that is not the case with the squirrel’s. You will see a distinctive change almost right away and it will continue to occur, making it much different than other animals.

The most common place where you will find squirrel poop is near their favorite place to find food and water. One such area is near a bird feeder. If they are eating the bird seed or getting water from the bird bath then you can be sure that you will find a large amount of squirrel droppings there.

If they are in your home then you can be sure that the areas that you will most likely find their droppings are in your attic or walls. Read more: Squirrel Control, How to Get Rid of Squirrels, how to get squirrels out of your attic, Squirrel Feces, How to Keep Squirrels Away from House, How to Kill Squirrels.

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