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Photographs of Wildlife Poop in Attics - Raccoon, Squirrel, Rat Feces Pictures Pics

Squirrel Feces Photographs - Is it Dangerous?

Squirrel poop can be tricky to distinguish from large rats. If you don't live in an area with rats, and you see a bunch of pellets with rounded edges, scattered about, about 3/8 inch long, then it's most likely the waste of an Eastern Gray Squirrel. The waste can vary a bit, and looks similar to rat waste, as you can see below:

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Squirrel Poop in Ceiling

Lots of Squirrel Poop

Flying Squirrel Poop Area

Comparison - Rat Feces

What Shape Is Squirrel Fecal Matter - The fecal matter of red squirrels is very similar to that of other rodents like rats – it may be fractionally longer and narrower, however it will be a similar color and shape – slightly oval and elongated. It is very easy to confuse squirrel feces matter with rat droppings. If squirrels have invaded your home it is likely, you will have a large amount of droppings to deal with and red squirrels do tend to take a scatter approach when emptying their bowels. Since squirrels are susceptible to both internal and external parasites, it is wise to take some protective measures when dealing with their feces – wear gloves and a face mask in order to avoid inhaling any bacteria.

If a squirrel feels trapped and starts to panic then it may well spray urine and fecal matter over its surroundings. If you have discovered droppings in your home or yard then you will also find a number of indicators which will provide you with some information which may be useful – if the pellets are hard it is likely the droppings have been there some time since fresh fecal matter is soft; if the droppings are a fairly dark color they will also be fresher – the pellets fade with age and exposure.

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Is There A Way For Red Squirrel Droppings Identification - It is difficult to identify squirrel droppings as specifically red squirrel droppings. Not only do they look similar to gray squirrel droppings, but they also look very much like the droppings from rats. There are small differences between rat feces and squirrel feces. The most prominent distinction is the two ends. A rat will have more tapered ends of poop while the ends of the squirrel poop are more rounded. There is also a miniscule difference in size between rat poop and squirrel poop, the squirrel’s being larger. But to find a difference in the poop between two squirrels would probably have to be made by observation.

You can watch if the place where you found the poop is usually frequented by gray squirrels or by red squirrels. This is not as difficult as it may sound because the red squirrel is quite distinct in its color. The red squirrel also likes to make its nest in tree hollows, unless it finds a cozy attic. You will just have to be vigilant in order to be sure with which kind of squirrel you are dealing with. If, for some reason you want to be absolutely sure whether the feces were from a red squirrel or not, you may have to go to an expert to find out.

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How To Clean Up Squirrel Dropping In The Attic - If there are squirrels in your area and you own a home then you will likely need to know how to clean up squirrel dropping in the attic. Rodents like the grey squirrel can and will make a home in your attic. That means that even after you get them out of there you are still not done. You still have to make sure that you clean up their droppings to prevent any diseases from being spread. That is a caution that you must take especially if you have pets in your home. To make sure that you do the job right, there are special cleaners that are not available in the nearest home and garden store. They are special enzyme based cleaners that contain living bacteria or enzymes to digest fecal matter. If you do not have such cleaners nearby then you can use bleach, but it won’t be as effective or easy to apply as fogging with the enzyme. Bleach applied directly will kill the germs and will leave the place clean. You should always wear gloves when you are cleaning any droppings from any wildlife in your home and the squirrel is no exception. You should make sure that you clean every spot and that you are not spreading the droppings by using a cleaning motion right over them. Pick them up first with a paper towel then clean up the surface with the bleach and water mixture.

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Could It Be Flying Squirrel Poop - If you are finding rodent droppings in your house then you want to learn to distinguish the kinds of droppings so that you can best proceed to trap the culprit. This article will focus on recognizing flying squirrel poop. Flying squirrel poop is the least likely to be in your home as they are not the wildlife that invade homes, but it is a possibility. The Eastern Gray Squirrel and the gray squirrels are most likely to become a pest, but because flying squirrels do come into our homes once in a while it is good to know what it looks like especially if you live in an area where they live.

You can distinguish flying squirrel poop from the gray and Eastern Gray Squirrels because the shape is different. The gray squirrel and the Eastern Gray Squirrel will both leave droppings that have the same shape as rice. The gray squirrel is bigger than the Eastern Gray Squirrel and so is its poop. So if you have found rice shaped droppings you can take both the Eastern Gray Squirrel and the gray one out of the list as well as mice. The flying squirrel’s droppings are mostly round and dark in color but it can be a bit unorganized in appearance.
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