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Venomous snakes of Illinois

There are a number of venomous snakes hiding deep in Illinois as well and although these ones pose a danger to human life, they are largely secretive and thus the possibility of conflict with man is reduced. The copperhead snake is the most common venomous snake in Illinois and its preferred habitat lies in wooden and rocky areas as well as forest edges. It is commonly found along river Mississippi and the renowned river Ohio.

The Timber rattlesnake, one of the more dangerous venomous snakes to come across, is also an inhabitant of forested areas of Illinois. It loves to stay in deep forests, which reduces the potential of conflict with humans. It loves to play calm in case of a sudden encounter in the wild and when left undisturbed will smoothly slither away into the hiding.

The cottonmouth snake, also known to be venomous, loves living around ox-bow lakes and swamps. Although venomous, it loves to scare off potential invaders and enemies by taking up a defensive position, which involves throwing back its head and open its mouth wide, exposing the white inner that looks like cotton.

Humane mouse traps

We may not like mice in and around our home, but that does not mean that everyone wants to see them dead. Mouse traps that kill these critters may be fine for some, maybe even for most, but there are many out there that do not see this as a viable option in any way.

This may seem silly to a lot of people, but the truth is that there are a lot of people out there that are uncomfortable with the idea of killing any animal, even if it is a mouse. They see all animals as special and this is why they cannot fathom the idea of killing a mouse. Instead, they want an alternative where they can trap the mouse or mice and then be able to set them free somewhere else, without any harm coming to the creature. Fortunately, there are some options that are available.

There are quite a few companies that have created live mouse traps that you can get. These are metallic cases with a small opening to them that you can place some kind of bait in that will encourage the mouse to enter the trap. Once inside the opening that was used by the mouse to enter the trap closes behind it and the mouse is unable to reopen it to get out. This is a truly one-way only option where the mouse can get in but cannot get out. Fortunately, no damage is caused to the mouse whatsoever and all you have to do is take the trap with you and release it somewhere else.

Some of these traps are even built for you to be able to trap more than one mouse at a time. The trap is built with four or more doors built on the cage, enabling access for more than one of these creatures to get him. Again, once they enter the trap they are unable to get out.

Your only concern now is finding the right kind of bait to lower the mouse into the trap. What you want to search for is something that gives off a rather prolonged smell that will attract one of these creatures to it. This is why so many opt for something like cheese to use because it is the ideal food source in terms of smell and attraction that mice have to it.

You can look for other options, however. Mice also like things such as peanut butter, bread, and different kinds of fruit. Meats are not encouraged to use solely because they can spoil rather quickly and leave a rather horrific smell within the trap. They may also attract other animals, such as your pet, ruining your ability to attract the mouse. Read more: Snake Control, Venomous Snakes of Florida, How to Identify Snakes, How to Kill Snakes.

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